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GIO Looks at Commercial Tile Trends for Walls

As one of the most sanitary surfacing choices available, ceramic tiles—including the exceptionally high-performing porcelain tile category—are the unequivocally right choice in a post-COVID world, especially in a commercial environment. When it comes to commercial surfacing, tile is truly a no-brainer for floors, and it should be for walls as well. The advantages of tile over paint, wallpaper, wood, brick, and many other materials for walls in commercial settings are many.

Aside from being hygienic, porcelain tiles are extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, fireproof, and resistant to fading, moisture, and odors. Tile is also environmentally friendly because it emits no VOCs, doesn’t require the use of caustic cleaners, and doesn’t require the destruction of other natural resources like wood or plant material.

And as for the cost compared to these other materials? When you consider the life cycle, long-term performance, durability, and easy maintenance of tile over paint, wallpaper, and the like, tile is actually very cost-effective in the long haul. So what’s not love about tile for walls? Tile design has come a very long way from the bland commercial looks of the old days.  When you factor in the extraordinary array of colors, patterns, and designs available that rival the detail of many traditional wall covering materials, there is absolutely nothing not to love about tile for walls.

Here’s a look at some of our tile styles for achieving fashion-forward looks with the performance characteristics your commercial design projects demand.

Rich, Indulgent Colors

Make a statement on a wall or any vertical surface with vibrant, bold hues, like these selections from m our Rombo, Hex_Leonis, Moda, and Retro, collections.

ROMBO by GIO in Cobalt
HEX_LEONIS floor and wall tile-cropped
Moda Ceramic Floor and wall Tile by GIO
MODA by GIO in Red, Orange, Pink, & White in standard bright finish and Decoria finish.
RETRO by GIO in Turquoise

Subway Tiles with a Twist

There’s no denying that subway tile is still a classic. But as with many classics, it’s often a new twist given to the “expected” that makes the designs endure. Here’s a look at some of our fun and exciting takes on subway tile: Arté, Rivel, Pigment, Barista, Handmade, and Argille.

Arte Wall Tile
ARTÉ in Bianco
ARTE in Colbalt
ARTÉ  in Cobalt installation at Pin & Proper, Atlanta, designed by Place Maker Design.
RIVEL by GIO Wall Tile
RIVEL by GIO in Bianco
Pigment Floor and Wall Tile
PIGMENT by GIO in Navy
Barista Wall Tile
BARISTA by GIO in Ivory and Dove Grey
HANDMADE by GIO in Bronze
Handmade by GIO on wall at Focus Design
HANDMADE installation at Focus Deisgn
Argille subway tile for floor and wall
ARGILLE by GIO in Anthracite


Thanks to the Art Deco revival going on now, this three-dimensional geometric surface trend has resurfaced. This form of trompe l’oeil is not new — it’s been around since Greek and Roman times — but it has experienced waves of popularity throughout history. Our Canvas collection in Cube or Polygon mosaics and our Rombo collection answer to this trend to create big wow factors in both retro and modern design schemes.

Canvas Floor and Wall Tile polygon light mix mosaic
Canvas by GIO in Polygon Dark Mix
CANVAS installation at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers, designed by Occupied Renovations
GIO Canvas polygon dark mix on feature wall
CANVAS installation at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers, designed by Occupied Renovations


Rombo tile
ROMBO by GIO in Sky
ROMBO wall tile by GIO in Grigio
ROMBO by GIO in Grigio
ROMBO by GIO installation
Rombo by GIO installation in Cobalt
Rombo by GIO installation in Cobalt

“Artsy” Wood Looks

Wood-look tiles have become so realistic since they first arrived on the scene that even touching them often does not reveal their porcelain secret. And while we still love a traditional wood look, tile designers are reimagining and designing new wood looks to bring us artful, edgy renditions that offer the back-to-nature warmth we crave with something new and unexpected. Here’s a look at our Harmony, Char, and Neolith collections that go beyond the realistic and traditional.

Harmony Floor and Wall Tile
HARMONY by GIO in Blue
Char floor and wall tile by GIO
CHAR by GIO in Auburn
NEOLITH by GIO Floor & Wall Tile
NELOTH by GIO in Argent

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some of our commercial-grade tile products for walls! Click here to see all our collections suitable for vertical surfaces. Samples for these lines, in addition to all our tile collections, are available free to the trade. Contact us anytime – we’re here to work with you!


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