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GIO Subway Tile Collections

GIO Looks at Modern Subway Tile Styles

When we first wrote about subway tile on our blog (seven years ago!), GIO offered two tile collections that fit in this category. Then, four years ago, we revisited the topic, as we had added some really cool new takes on the look to our subway lineup. In subsequent years, we began to hear rumblings about the fate of subway tile. Some designers were beginning to suggest subway tile might be going out of style, that its days were numbered, etc. But the truth is, that never happened, and today, the subway tile trend is as hot as ever.

Subway tile is a rare combination of both classic and trendy. Classics really don’t ever go out of style. This means the iconic white 3 x 6 tiles (the size and color originally used in actual subways) are still relevant in many applications today, both residential and commercial. But as with many classics, its subway tile’s design evolution that’s kept the iconic tile so on-trend in recent years. Tile designers continue to put new twists on the “expected,” allowing subway tile to not only endure but to remain at the forefront of tile design. The latest on-trend colors, unique finishes, unconventional installation patterns, and dimensional designs are some of the modern iterations that are keeping this classic so current.

Now in 2021, GIO now offers a baker’s dozen unique subway tile lines, each with an array of sizes, colors, and finishes to choose from. Here’s a look at them.

Our newest subway to join the lineup is PASTEL, and this one isn’t just for walls. The shiny, saturated palette of this versatile subway tile is comprised of ten fabulous hues. The glossy finished tiles are a long, narrow size, 2 x 10 inches.

PASTEL by GIO in Aqua Glossy

ARGILLE offers the look of hand-hewn clay glazed to peak sophistication. The big, glossy 5 x10 tiles are offered in an eight-color palette of stunning neutrals.

Argille subway tile for floor and wall
ARGILLE by GIO in Anthracite

Chic meets antique in our HANDMADE. These artisan-inspired subway tiles converge old-world style with fashion-forward finishes (bright, crackle, and metallic) and are available in  3 x 6, 3 x 12,  plus a 7-inch hex.

Handmade by GIO Wall Tile
HANDMADE by GIO in Silver Metallic

LUSTRO is a richly shaded, hand-molded subway tile with nuanced hues, elongated dimensions, and just the right amount of luster. The 3 x 12 tiles are available in four on-trend hues.

LUSTRO by GIO in Taupe & Light Grey

PIGMENT blends “handmade” and “modern age” with six modern hues and a long, lean 2 x 14 format.

Pigment Floor and Wall Tile
PIGMENT by GIO in Navy

Named simply “SUBWAY,” this classic line is offered in a range of sizes from the traditional 3 x 6 up to a stylish 8 x 24 and is offered in both bright and matte finishes in six popular hues.

Subway by GIO Wall Tile in 4x16 Architectural Grey Bright
SUBWAY by GIO in Grey Bright

This unique wall tile collection offers a tactile spin on the classic subway. RIVEL comes in a glossy finish and two shapes in four fresh hues.

RIVEL by GIO Wall Tile
RIVEL by GIO in Bianco

BRICK_MOOD is a trendy porcelain subway line featuring a handmade effect and stacked with options: 2×10 tiles, five must-use hues, and a duo of finishes: a glazed-look glossy and a matte.

GIO-brick_mood,-Black-2x10-Glossy-and-Matte-Field-Tile room scene
Brick Mood by GIO in Black Matte & Glossy


MODA has been around for a while, but this wall tile eye candy in a range of vibrant colors is a perennial favorite.  The oversized 5 x 13 tiles glossy-finished and are also available in dimensional decorative pieces.

Moda wall tile in pink and orange
MODA by GIO in Red, Orange, Pink, & White, Bright and Decoria finishes


GIO Moda Dark Blue & White Decoria
MODA by GIO in Dark Blue & White Decoria

One of our first Subway tile collections, FREESTYLE wall tile is still going strong.  The 5 x7 tiles are available in ten fashion-forward hues and 22 decorative patterns in bright and matte finishes.

Freestyle Subway Tiles in Purple
FREESTYLE by GIO in Violet Bright & Decoria


Another one of our original subway collections, RETRO is available in a range of modular sizes ideal for creating custom patterns. The line comes in three color groupings, thirteen hues, from versatile neutrals to eye-catching, vibrant colors.

Retro by GIO
RETRO by GIO in 4” x 16″ Bone Matte

ARTÉ dimensional subway tiles are a daring and dramatic twist on the classic rectangle. These innovative 3D tiles will easily transform walls into works of art. The 5 x 12 tiles can be arranged in a variety of patterns, making this line versatile and fun to work with.

ARTÉ in Cream
ARTÉ by GIO in Cream

Thanks to creative innovations in tile design and the ingenuity of interior designers to seek new and interesting ways to take subway tile installations to new levels, there is no doubt that subway tiles are here to stay!

GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!

New Looks for Wall Tile: Product Recommendations from GIO Tile

Wall tile is an excellent choice for many commercial environments, often providing really unique looks that can be customized, as well as the exceptional performance characteristics of tile.  It can also be very cost-effective because of its easy maintenance and longevity. The upfront expenditures for tile, setting materials, and installation are revealed as smart investments when compared to other wall covering options’ high-maintenance and early replacement costs. With tile, you can choose from a vast array of colors, patterns and designs to achieve fashion forward looks that offer many advantages for commercial spaces:

-Durable and Long Lasting
-Hygienic and Easy to Clean
-Stain Proof
-Fire Proof
-Fade Resistant
-Odor Resistant
-Moisture Resistant
-Mold & Fungus Resistant
-Environmentally Friendly
-Cost Effective

Though any of GIO’s collections can be used for wall applications, we also offer products created specifically for vertical installations. Here’s a look at some of our latest and greatest.

BARISTA is right on trend with its “retro style meets subway tile” look that pays homage to handcrafted tiles in a range of gleaming neutrals. Available in a generous 4″ x 12″ size, these bright finished tiles will lend an antique chic vibe to your space.

Barista Wall Tile

ARTÉ is a spectacular three dimensional ceramic tile that will make anyone sit up and take notice. This modern take on subway tile measures 5″ x 12″ and is available in five on-trend hues.

Arte in Dove


MODA is nothing short of wall tile eye candy! Available in a confection of colors and a brilliant 5″ x 13″ size, these modern subway tiles are ideal for creating custom wall patterns and designs. A dimensional decorative package is available for each of the 10 colors.

Moda wall tile

Our ALUMINA collection is a line of lightweight metallic tiles in a variety of shapes, including 3D diamond cubes, hexagonal, and linear bricks. These modern wall tiles have a brushed finish and are available in silver, bronze and chocolate.

Alumina wall tile

To see the rest of our wall tile collections, click here!

GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!

A Look at What’s New at GIO Architectural Tile & Stone

In our ongoing quest to bring our customers the latest in sophisticated and innovative tile products, we have added some exciting new floor and wall tile collections to the GIO line-up. Reflecting global trends for natural stone looks, geometrics, textures, large formats, wood looks, and metallics, our newest product lines offer commercial designers a range of versatile, on-trend surface materials to take their designs from great to extraordinary.

Here’s a look at what’s new at GIO Architectural Tile & Stone (you can click on any product name or image to see more of that collection on our website).

Natural Stone Looks

Pearl Floor & Wall Tile
These stunning large-format ( 24″ x 48″) polished porcelain tiles evoke slices of luminous alabaster stone, and are available in three elegant hues.

Pearl floor & wall tile evoke slices of luminous alabaster stone


Calacatta Floor & Wall Tile
The distinct veining of rare and desirable Calacatta marble is luxuriously interpreted in these lustrous, honed porcelain field tiles. Calacatta is available in a variety of sizes to suit a range of applications.

Calacatta by GIO


Carrara Floor & Wall Tile
This elegant interpretation of Italian Carrara marble is available in three luminous hues and a variety of sizes, including mosaic and large format.

Carrara floor and wall tile


GIO_Thick 1.0
These 20mm thick porcelain pavers are designed specifically for direct installation over grass, sand, gravel, and standard substrates. They are available in a vast range of natural stone and concrete looks to work with any design style.

GIO_Thick 1.0


Traverse Floor & Wall Tile
This collection reflects travertine’s versatile style in four rich, nuanced hues and linear, modular sizes, ranging from mosaic to large format.Traverse floor and wall tile


Geometry Hex Collection
For modern or retro hex appeal, these six-sided tiles offer endless possibilities in a spectrum of urban colors.

Geometry Hex


This cool collection of six-sided 12″ field tiles is available in six sides, six colors, and six patterns – to shape your modern designs in hexagonal style.


Geometry Squared Collection
Square mosaic tiles combine for functional, custom style for floors and walls. These tiles are available glazed or unglazed in 2′ x 2′ or 1′ x 1′ squares.


Wood Looks

This new collection of porcelain tiles-that-look-like-wood take the trend beyond styles that just capture authentic appearances of wood with painted and whitewashed looks.

Paintwood GIO – wood-look tile
Paintwood in “Vintage”
Paintwood in Grey
Paintwood in “Grey”
Paintwood in "Bianco"
Paintwood in “Bianco”



Alumina Wall Tile
These brushed-finished light weight metallic wall tiles are available in a range of shapes, including 3D cubes, diamonds, hexagonal, and brick. 

Alumina wall tile


3D Pietra Wall Tile
Linear, dimensional tiles are offered in a baker’s dozen of stunning stone styles–slate, limestone, quartz, marble, limestone, and travertine.

3D Pietra 2



GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!