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Commercial Flooring Isn’t Boring!

There was a time in the not-too-distant past that the number one requirement for commercial flooring was durability. As for the look, most commercial flooring was generally inconspicuous, with muted tones and little pattern – not exactly what one would call exciting. But commercial interior design today isn’t just about choosing functional materials that can withstand heavy use. It’s also about creating a comfortable, inviting environment and projecting a cohesive image that can positively affect the overall mood of those inside it.

Thanks to ever-improving technologies in the tile industry, as well as exciting new ways of thinking about design, commercial interiors no longer have to sacrifice beauty and style in favor of durability. Here’s a look at some current tile trends that are definitely not boring!

Bigger is Better

While 12” x 24”  and 24” x 24” tile sizes have long been the norm, porcelain tiles just keep getting bigger. 24” by 48” planks (and even larger) are hugely popular and answer to the demand for tile that can handle spaciousness without making the flooring or walls look too busy. Using bigger tiles will also reduce the number of grout lines for a more seamless look. 

Many  GIO porcelain tile collections are available in indulgently large sizes. Shown here are (left) Tribeca and (right) Veneto in 24″ x 48″.


GIO_Thin 5.5 porcelain panels come in sizes as large as 39″ x 118.″ Gio_thin composite

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes, including the timeless hexagon, emerged as a strong trend a few years ago and have remained very popular. Whether large or small, geometric forms are very flexible and can greatly impact the feel, tone, and texture of a space.

Geometry Options offers geometrically superlative selections for your every design whimsy. Shapes include hex, penny round, octagon, lantern, basketweave, and pinwheel.


geometry Options


Explore all our hexagon-shaped tile collections on our website here.

hex tiles

Patterned Tile

Patterned tiles bring character and pizzaz to commercial and residential spaces. Today’s floor tile designs feature exciting and bold patterns that are being used in new ways to create stunning interior design schemes. Whether you specify Moroccan-inspired tiles, Victorian, or modern geometric, the key to working with patterned tiles is to allow the floor to take the limelight. Check out our patterned, encaustic-look Vintage collection.

GIO Vintage Vecchio Room Scene


Porcelain wood-look tiles are a boon to commercial environments where the style of wood flooring is desired.  Thanks to the leaps and bounds made in print technology in recent years, and the choice of wood-look over real wood for a commercial environment is practically a no-brainer. With all the fabulous options available, you definitely do not have to trade high style for practical flooring that can take a beating. Click here for a look at all our fabulous wood look collections.

GIO wood-looks


Modern and Sleek

Sleek elements, meaning smooth and polished, go hand in hand with modern design.  And sleek, modern design is the name of the game in many commercial design areas today, especially in high-end retail and hospitality. Clean and serene, sleek and modern design is elegant and sophisticated in its simplicity.


GIO_Thin 5.5 in “Statuary Marble” offers a perfectly sleek backdrop for this modern setting.


GIO_Thin 5.5 in "Statuary Marble"
GIO_Thin 5.5 in “Statuary Marble” offers a perfectly sleek backdrop for this modern setting.

Cement Inspired Looks

For the rugged elegance of concrete without the stains, scratches, and headaches of concrete installation, turn to cement-inspired porcelain for your commercial projects. Ardeisa, Athena, Fusion, Progetto, and Veneto offer concrete visuals in a durable, easy-to-maintain porcelain stoneware body.

porcelain tile with cement concrete visuals

Chromatic Design

Color can tell a story, and our new Colori porcelain tile collection is here to tell yours. Check out the ultimate palette with a spectrum of options for commercial spaces.

Colori floor tile, Red 24x24 Matte Rectified



GIO brings you a carefully curated, on-trend selection of tile and stone products developed expressly for your commercial design projects. Each color, size, texture, and detail you see on our website has been hand-picked from global sources based on our laser-focused knowledge of what you need to take your designs not just from good to great—but from great to extraordinary. Contact us anytime — we’re here to work with you!


GIO Looks At What’s Trending in Floor Tile for Commercial Interiors

When it comes to commercial flooring trends, the styles and options available are nearly endless. But regardless of the look you want, It’s essential that the performance characteristics of the flooring you choose meet the requirements of demanding commercial environments. Porcelain tile is one of the most durable, easy-to-maintain, and cost-efficient (in the long run) of all the flooring materials available. And it’s also green because it’s sustainable and contributes to superior indoor air quality (no VOCs). These are the reasons porcelain tile has become the material of choice for hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, office spaces, and many other non-residential environments. But what about the look? Tile for commercial spaces is no longer just about functionality. Modern designers today also want the flooring they specify to deliver on style. Floor tile is now regarded as a beautiful design element that can enhance a comfortable and inviting environment in any type of commercial space. Here’s a look at what’s trending in floor tile for commercial interiors.

Wood Look Tiles

Innovating design teams are integrating the feeling of a “home” aesthetic into their commercial projects. Also called “resimercial,” this type of design is known as the marriage of commercial durability with a residential feel. From polished to reclaimed and weathered looks, wood look tiles are often the answer to inject warmth and create a homey vibe into commercial spaces.

Here, our new Versailles masterfully replicates centuries-old parquet in a new range featuring modern planks, criss-cross, and inlay designs.

Versailles by GIO Floor and Wall Tile

Our Distressed wood look collection brings authenticity to modern, urban settings. This line is available as generously sized 8″ x 36″ planks in four reclaimed timber hues.

Distressed porcelain tile by GIO

LOFT by GIO offers the charm and warmth of wood with a truly modernistic look. Our Loft collection is available exclusively in a large 8″ x 48″ plank size in a contemporary color palette.

Loft Floor & Wall Tile

Patterned Tiles

Floors take the limelight in patterned tiles in a range of styles from vintage to playful and modern. Intricate tile designs are on the rise with mixed prints and pattern-on-pattern styles playing big parts in both residential and commercial design.

This cheerful Color Mix Set from our Vintage collection brings on a nostalgic vibe to infuse spaces with a retro and elegantly olden look.

Vintage Color Mix Set

The big geometric pattern of our 24″ x24″ Blocks Infinity has a playfully modern look. These big-format tiles are available in a range of soothing, organic colors.

GIO Blocks Infinity Silver

Marble Looks

Large commercial spaces (think high-end retail or hotel lobbies) covered in marble are beautiful and luxurious looking, but real marble can become cost prohibitive and the maintenance is not simple. Porcelain tile that mimics marble looks is a great option instead of the costlier natural stone. The elegant look of marble with the convenience and durability of porcelain is the perfect combo for commercial spaces.

The lifelike marble look of our large format GIO_Thin 5.5 in “Statuary” is a beautiful and smart alternative to the real thing in this retail space.

GIO_Thin 5.5 in Statuary

The classic look of premium Italian Calacatta marble is authentically interpreted in porcelain in our Calacatta collection.

Calacatta by GIO

These are just some of our curated tile styles that you depend on to answer to the latest trends in commercial flooring design. GIO Tile brings you only the finest commercial grade products, hand-picked from global sources based on our focused knowledge of what you need to to transform commercial spaces. Contact us anytime – we’re here to work with you!

GIO Tile Looks at Color Trends in 2018

From the ongoing love of minimalism to a newfound fascination with maximalism, commercial design trends continue to evolve in a wide range of directions. Emerging color trends tend to jump off the runway and into the living room or board room in short order, and given the frequency with which fashion changes, it’s not surprising that each year brings brand new looks as well as exciting twists and turns to to the classics. Here’s a look at the color trends that promise to take the lead in 2018.

Purple Will Reign

Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year is unarguably bold and quite beautiful. Pantone describes Ultraviolet as a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade” that “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” We find this vibrant hue to be both energetic and inspirational. 

Freestyle Subway Tiles in Violet
FREESTYLE by GIO subway tiles in Violet


The Dark Side

Moodier tones and shadowy hues will make their mark in 2018. Deep, comforting colors offer a welcome escape from the chaos of daily life and can add a modern luxe vibe to spaces.

Athena Floor & Wall Tile
ATHENA by GIO in “Dark.”



The popularity of Minimalist design continues to thrive and grow because it just works. Minimalism is an especially great look for commercial spaces because it offers a clean and timeless look, allowing for the design to breathe and get the message across to a diverse audience. While monochromatic color palettes are not necessarily synonymous with minimalism, we see a lot of minimalist design schemes in calming tonal interiors that layer shades of the same color. 

Progetto floor and wall tile by GIO
PROGETTO by GIO in Silver Grey



Definitely a newcomer style, Maximalism is a move away from the Scandinavian-inspired minimalism that has been (and continues to be) so dominant. The look is bursting with contrasting prints and patterns in a mix of colors. 

VINTAGE by GIO Color Mix Set
VINTAGE by GIO Color Mix Set

The Yellows

Cheerful, sunny rooms are trending again with a range of yellow shades from pale butters to dark mustard cropping up everywhere.

FREESTYLE by GIO in Grey, White, and Yellow.

Strong & Bright

Another big color trend this year is heading more and more toward strong and bright shades. This embracing of vivid color goes hand in hand with a return to the interior design style of the eighties with its favoring of strong colors over pastels. 

Moda wall tile in pink and orange
MODA by GIO Red, Orange, Pink, & White wall tile blended in
standard bright finish and Decoria finish


GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!