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GIO Looks at What’s In for Wall Tile

Glass & Stone
Glass and Stone Collection by GIO

If you haven’t considered tile as a wall covering for your commercial design projects, you should definitely give it a thought because the advantages of tile over paint or wallpaper are many. Tiles are durable, hygienic, easy to clean, stain-proof, fireproof, fade, odor, and moisture resistant, as well as often environmentally friendly and cost-effective considering life cycle of the material and its long term performance. Wall tiles allow you to put texture or patterns on the wall that rival the detail and softness of wallpaper and paint, minus the mess. What’s not to love? Here’s a look at the latest trends in wall tile.

Color Shift

While grey tones continue to be on-trend, clay, taupe, and other neutrals are making a comeback. Soft blacks are also beginning to rival grey’s popularity. Though neutral-toned tiles are very fashionable right now, rich or bright colors are often used to create eye-catching wall designs that will make memorable impressions in commercial interiors.

Moda Ceramic Floor and wall Tile by GIO

The New Mosaics

Multi-hued glass mosaics have moved beyond the classic 1-inch x 1-inch square. Linear “pencil” tiles in stacked or random patterns, and often mixed with natural stone and/or metals, offer depth and dimension to vertical surfaces. Ceramic and stone mosaic shapes are varied, ranging from ovals and triangles to hexagons and marquise. Metal tile designs have taken a huge leap and are now available in a wide array of shapes, including 3D and a variety of finishes.

Stainless-glass-stone mosaic wall tile by GIO
Stainless, Glass & Stone Collection by GIO
Alumina wall tile


Digital printing technology has enabled manufacturers to add texture to tiles to create intricate visual effects. Fabric-look tiles that mimic the look and feel of textiles offer a softer look while retaining the hard-wearing characteristics of porcelain. 3D tiles in porcelain or stone create a continuous, sculptural texture, lending a thoroughly modern look to any space.

Linen floor and wall tile
3D Pietra

Artisanal Looks

Handcrafted objects have become more and more in demand over the past 10 years as we continue to desire looks that communicate authenticity. And while handmade tiles are certainly beautiful, it’s not always practical to source and install artisan tiles, especially for large commercial spaces. Savvy tile manufacturers have figured how to re-create that “antique chic” look without the handmade price tag.   

Barista Wall Tile

GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!

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GIO Looks At What’s In For Outside Design: Thick Porcelain Pavers

GIO_Thick 1.0

Tile manufacturers world-wide are constantly pushing the envelope and exploring new frontiers in ceramics. The quest for creating novel flooring and covering solutions has led to industry game-changers such as digital inkjet printing to replicate just about any look, and large format, thin porcelain panels. One of the most exciting recent developments in the tile industry is the advent of 20mm thick porcelain pavers, which are starting to replace stone as the go-to solution for outdoor flooring.

Twice as thick as most tiles, porcelain pavers have the same benefits as regular porcelain – slip resistant, extremely durable, frost resistant and easy to clean – but advances in technology have given these thick tiles incredibly high breakage loads, making them perfect for both major commercial and residential exterior projects. They’re suitable for gardens, terraces, roof decks, plazas, walkways and all high-traffic outdoor areas. Here are some advantages to using porcelain pavers over natural stone.

Due Lifestyle sceneFlexible Installation Methods
The single layer of load-bearing porcelain is designed for use in conjunction with raised pedestals and deck support systems, as well as direct installation over grass, sand, gravel, and standard mortar installations, allowing for unparalleled flexibility in design applications.

natural_slate_biancoEasier Transport and Installation
Due to their comparatively lighter weight, porcelain pavers are easier to transport and install, saving both time and money. Porcelain pavers are ideal for high rise applications, because they can be transported in service elevators.

Due_Part_01Superior Durability
High-tech manufacturing processes result in a porcelain tile of unique strength and hardness that is extremely resistant to external abrasion. Completely nonporous, porcelain pavers will not stain and require no sealing.  Superior wear resistance combined with extremely high slip resistance insure a durable floor area that is safe wet or dry.

Our new GIO Thick 1.0 collection of porcelain pavers boasts an outstanding combination of qualities. Available in 20 natural stone and wood looks, GIO_Thick 1.0 is suitable for direct laying over grass, sand, gravel, and standard substrates.

GIO Thick 1.0 Porcelain Pavers

Office Design Trends: GIO Looks at the Changing Work Environment

Work environments are changing–and those who design and furnish offices are striving to keep pace. Over the last decade, we’ve seen a major evolution in office space design as companies migrate toward more open, flexible, and communicative workspaces.

As designers develop solutions that reflect the needs of the modern day workforce, we’re seeing trends that foster spontaneous collaboration, mobility, reconfiguration, and more. Here are 5 cutting edge office design trends that are transforming work as we know it.

1. Diversity in the Open Office

The open-plan office has come a long way since its beginnings: cubicles are out and shared desks, hot-desk pods and lounge seating areas are key furnishings and design trends that foster and encourage collaboration. The cutting edge open office of today offers numerous configurations of collaborative space, community space and private space that make it easy for workers to tailor their workplace to their liking.

Noise management is the single most important consideration of any collaborative space. Proper spacing between workstations, intelligent placement and use of noise absorbing materials and dividers, and integration of spaces for private work are keys to a successful open office plan. Interruptions and noise can kill productivity and are the number one complaint of employees in open workplaces. It’s important to have diverse spaces–make sure you have adequate space for employees to work alone or have some quiet time when desired.

2. Style and Culture

We’re seeing residential and hospitality design influencing the more informal areas of an office, such as a lounge or a break area. And boring colors are out–studies show that certain colors like red and orange stimulate productivity, so get ready for some colors and fun patterns in offices!

Research also shows the more extra facilities an employer offers, the greater chance staff will find the workplace an attractive office. Competition for talent is high, and employers are luring the cream of the crop with enticing extras such as communal kitchens, cafes, sleeping pods and yoga rooms.

3. Bringing the Outdoors In

People work better when they don’t feel like they are cooped up inside all day. Spending time around greenery can improve concentration, boost creativity and increase attention span.

4. Home for Events

Creating spaces within an office environment to hold events and engage with clients and collaborators is becoming important. Bringing the industry to your workplace is a good way for a business to go about making a mark in its sector. We’re seeing more offices designed with spaces for events, exhibitions, team meetings or industry lectures.

5. Authenticity

There are no set trends when it comes to workplace interiors–except authenticity. People prefer being in heritage buildings to traditional generic office buildings which can often feel fake and contrived. Layers, textures and heritage are what’s in for office interiors.

Look to GIO for on-trend, sophisticated tile and stone products that cover a range of styles to transform commercial spaces. From retail and restaurants to hospitals and hospitality we’ve assembled an assortment of collections in styles befitting the gamut of spaces you may be called to design.