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GIO Looks at Geometry in Design

Hex_Effect porcelain tile

Why Do We Love Geometric Shapes?

In both commercial and residential design, geometric shapes have been a strong trend the past couple of years. From textiles and accent furniture to lighting and tile design, geometric shapes are prominent, and the trend shows no sign of waning. There is something about geometric shapes that speak to design sensibilities. Just what is it that makes us love and incorporate them into our surroundings?

Screenshot 2016-03-25 13.43.12Geometry is abundant in nature–from the honeycomb hexagons of the bees’ hive to the circular swirls of a seashell. We’re surrounded by the shape and symmetry of the natural world that is then illuminated and reinforced in early childhood. The teaching of basic shapes is one of the first and fundamental lessons for children. Even before little ones can walk or talk, we provide toys that teach about circles, squares, and triangles. These shapes stay with us throughout our lives, offering a sense of familiarity that’s comforting and appealing.

In addition to being familiar, geometrics have long been at the heart of good design. When it comes to interior design, there is an innate relationship between shapes and proportion. Talented designers often have innate abilities to use geometry in flattering ways.

Geometric shapes add interest to the look of a space. Finding unique ways to incorporate geometrics into interior design enables one to create environments with depth and visual interest. Geometric patterns convey a sense of modernity, yet, because of the.

Geometrics are timeless. Using geometric shapes in design is not just a contemporary trend; it is one that has endured throughout history. The Ancient Greeks and Moroccans both used bold geometric patterns as part of their architectural and interior design. Geometrics are bold, versatile, and are not limited to a certain design style.Screenshot 2016-03-25 13.44.39

In the world of tile design, the hexagon is quite prominent. The six sides create beautifully repetitive patterns that are reasonable to install thanks to the straight lines that fit together in almost puzzle-like fashion. Whether interpreted monochromatically or in vibrant patterns, hexagon-shaped tiles are a favorite for product specifiers, providing looks that are on trend now and with lasting appeal to stand the test of time.

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The New Wow Factor in Hotel Design: Hypoallergenic Rooms

hotel room

Hotel rooms can be problematic places for those who suffer from allergies, triggering a slew of reactions ranging from sniffles, sneezes, and itchy eyes to full-blown asthma symptoms. As more hotels try to set themselves apart, a new trend has emerged: the hypoallergenic hotel room – a concept that isn’t aimed just at the allergic, but also at guests who are concerned with what is sometimes referred to as the “ick factor.”

While the creation of super-clean rooms is definitely a way for hotels to gain an edge in an age where luxury has become the norm, it’s no small task. Most of the major chains now have a number of hypoallergenic rooms which have been sterilized, sanitized, and deodorized to the extreme. Medical-grade air purifiers are added to filter out 98% to 100% of viruses and bacteria. Mattresses and pillows are encased in protective hypoallergenic covering to protect against dust mites, and fabrics are scrubbed with special solutions and protected with anti-allergen products.

But the purifying of hotel rooms doesn’t stop with this extreme sanitizing process; hotels are also renovating rooms to make them even healthier for allergy sufferers. Carpets are being ripped out and replaced with hard surfaces, and wood blinds are taking the place of curtains. Large format, porcelain tile panels have recently become an excellent alternative to wallpaper, and some hotels in Europe are experimenting with headboards and platform beds designed with tile.

Hotels do charge a premium (usually 5 to 10%) for these super sanitized rooms, but allergy sufferers say it’s well worth it, and many say they would pay more!

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