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GIO looks at Hotel Design Trends: The New Lobby

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” While this adage can apply to anyone or anything, it couldn’t be more true for the hotel industry. Offering a striking first impression is, or should be, a top priority for any hotelier.

As the space where initial contact with guests is made, the lobby plays a major role in setting the tone and can determine whether guests will feel at home during their stay.  Serving as reception area and gathering place, the lobby is one of the most important and prestigious areas of a hotel.

While hotel lobbies of the past mainly served the function of checking in and catering to their stay-in guests, today’s lobbies have become epicenters of social and business activities. With business travel at an all-time high, hoteliers are catering to this trend by providing  multi-use spaces that offer aesthetics, comfort and functionality for guests to create networks and conduct transactions, or just relax and engage in casual conversations. New trends for lobby design feature “creative space segmentation” to provide business, intimate and social zones.  Areas with tables for laptops, charging stations and plenty of outlets are becoming prominent in hotel lobby design. Even non-guests are now using hotel lobbies as multi-functional space, creating an increase in revenue for hoteliers in the form of usage fees or food and drink orders.


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