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GIO Looks at Common Myths About Wood-Look Tile

Distressed by GIO wood look tile

Faux wood tile – it’s gorgeous, natural-looking, and it combines all the beauty of wood with the durability of porcelain tile. What’s not to love about wood-look tile? While we’ve already rounded up all the wonderful benefits of wood tile in a previous post (that you can read here), we’re now taking a look at common myths that could be preventing you from specifying this versatile product for your commercial design projects. 

The Grain on Wood Tile Looks Fake

The wood look effect is more realistic than ever, thanks to vastly improved digital printing technologies. The images don’t just repeat the same grains and knots over and over again; a number of images (some have as many as ten different pattern variations) are used to create tiles with diversity for an authentic looking surface. And high-tech manufacturing now produces such realistic textures that you can actually feel the grain in these tiles. Add in longer and wider plank sizes and these tiles can be so realistic that it can be difficult to differentiate them from real wood.

GIO Barnwood wood look tile in Bianco 6x24
Barnwood by GIO

Grout Joints Compromise the Authentic Look

Today’s tile allows you to achieve more narrow grout joints (rectified tiles can have grout joints as thin as 3/16″) that don’t draw attention to the grout. Also, when you’re choosing a grout color, find the darkest color in your tile and chose one shade deeper for your grout color. This tricks the eye into thinking that the grout lines are shadows around the wood planks. When properly installed, the grout joint isn’t a big deal and won’t make your floor look fake.

Petrified floor and wall tile
PETRIFIED by GIO – Rectified Field Tile

Long Wood Tile Planks Warp & Move

Long tiles (over 15″) were once a risky business because they tended to move a bit after installation. Current technology and proper installation eliminate that worry. A well-prepared subfloor and skilled installation will help you sidestep any problems with warping or uneven edges. Be sure to use an NTCA or CTEF certified installer for best results.


Wood Tile is Cold

Although it may seem like porcelain tiles themselves are cold, the fact is they actually take on the temperature of the ambient surroundings. Since the moderate temperature may seem cold to some, tile is fortunately well suited to radiant heat. There are several types of subfloor heating, and tile can be placed directly on top of it for a warm and inviting floor. Problem solved!

GIO offers authentic wood looks in a versatile range of tile products (including rectified) that are sure to meet your demanding specification requirements. Take at look at  our wood look collections here, then connect with us for the latest solutions in architectural surfacing for your projects. We’re here to work with you!