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GIO Looks At What’s Trending in Floor Tile for Commercial Interiors

When it comes to commercial flooring trends, the styles and options available are nearly endless. But regardless of the look you want, It’s essential that the performance characteristics of the flooring you choose meet the requirements of demanding commercial environments. Porcelain tile is one of the most durable, easy-to-maintain, and cost-efficient (in the long run) of all the flooring materials available. And it’s also green because it’s sustainable and contributes to superior indoor air quality (no VOCs). These are the reasons porcelain tile has become the material of choice for hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, office spaces, and many other non-residential environments. But what about the look? Tile for commercial spaces is no longer just about functionality. Modern designers today also want the flooring they specify to deliver on style. Floor tile is now regarded as a beautiful design element that can enhance a comfortable and inviting environment in any type of commercial space. Here’s a look at what’s trending in floor tile for commercial interiors.

Wood Look Tiles

Innovating design teams are integrating the feeling of a “home” aesthetic into their commercial projects. Also called “resimercial,” this type of design is known as the marriage of commercial durability with a residential feel. From polished to reclaimed and weathered looks, wood look tiles are often the answer to inject warmth and create a homey vibe into commercial spaces.

Here, our new Versailles masterfully replicates centuries-old parquet in a new range featuring modern planks, criss-cross, and inlay designs.

Versailles by GIO Floor and Wall Tile

Our Distressed wood look collection brings authenticity to modern, urban settings. This line is available as generously sized 8″ x 36″ planks in four reclaimed timber hues.

Distressed porcelain tile by GIO

LOFT by GIO offers the charm and warmth of wood with a truly modernistic look. Our Loft collection is available exclusively in a large 8″ x 48″ plank size in a contemporary color palette.

Loft Floor & Wall Tile

Patterned Tiles

Floors take the limelight in patterned tiles in a range of styles from vintage to playful and modern. Intricate tile designs are on the rise with mixed prints and pattern-on-pattern styles playing big parts in both residential and commercial design.

This cheerful Color Mix Set from our Vintage collection brings on a nostalgic vibe to infuse spaces with a retro and elegantly olden look.

Vintage Color Mix Set

The big geometric pattern of our 24″ x24″ Blocks Infinity has a playfully modern look. These big-format tiles are available in a range of soothing, organic colors.

GIO Blocks Infinity Silver

Marble Looks

Large commercial spaces (think high-end retail or hotel lobbies) covered in marble are beautiful and luxurious looking, but real marble can become cost prohibitive and the maintenance is not simple. Porcelain tile that mimics marble looks is a great option instead of the costlier natural stone. The elegant look of marble with the convenience and durability of porcelain is the perfect combo for commercial spaces.

The lifelike marble look of our large format GIO_Thin 5.5 in “Statuary” is a beautiful and smart alternative to the real thing in this retail space.

GIO_Thin 5.5 in Statuary

The classic look of premium Italian Calacatta marble is authentically interpreted in porcelain in our Calacatta collection.

Calacatta by GIO

These are just some of our curated tile styles that you depend on to answer to the latest trends in commercial flooring design. GIO Tile brings you only the finest commercial grade products, hand-picked from global sources based on our focused knowledge of what you need to to transform commercial spaces. Contact us anytime – we’re here to work with you!

GIO Looks at 5 Top Tile Trends

Striking a balance between unique and timeless in commercial design can be a lofty goal. While a commercial space should ideally be able to stand the test of time, remaining as attractive and inviting as it did from day one, it is important to be relevant. A good design should be impactful, capturing the spirit of the times and speaking to today’s demands and lifestyle. But it also has to be timeless enough to avoid seeming outdated too soon. This is especially important for the parts of commercial spaces (such as floors and walls) that are not practical to update often. With this in mind, we have carefully curated a selection of tile and stone products that cover a range of on-trend styles that are sure to endure the test of time. Here’s a look at the latest tile trends that we believe will keep your spaces looking great for years to come.


Masonry Look Tiles

Brick was a big favorite last year, and it remains strong, but the masonry look is beginning to embrace some interesting interpretations like brick sizes and shapes in different looks like concrete, wood, and even metallics.

Handmade by GIO Wall Tile
Handmade by GIO Wall Tile, shown here in 3 x12 Metallic Silver

Wood Look Tiles

There is no doubt that that wood-like tile is here to stay; in fact it’s one of the largest selling categories in the tile industry right now. Wood tiles look more authentic than ever, and they just keep getting better. And they also offer unmatched durability, a win-win for commercial applications.

GIO Fountaine floor and wall tile
Fountaine by GIO, shown here in Noce, 3 x 18


Metal Tiles

Metal tiles for walls have been a favorite for a few years now, but the color offerings are growing with finishes now available in matte or light polishes. Look to polished or brushed silver for a sleek contemporary look, or turn to warm bronze or copper tiles for timeless beauty with a more traditional style.

Alumina wall tile
Alumina by GIO is available in a range of shapes in silver and warm bronze.


Big & Thin

Large-format, thin porcelain tiles continue to get bigger every year, bringing new design possibilities. These large slabs can be used to for floors, walls and countertops and are available in a range of looks from marble to wood.

GIO_Thin 5.5
GIO_Thin 5.5, shown here in Calacatta is available in lengths up to 118.”

3D Wall Tiles

Thanks to evolving technologies tile manufacturing, companies are able to create ceramic tiles with dimensional shapes, folds, waves, raised geometry, and asymmetrical profiles. Fitting these tiles together yields a three dimensional wall with a seamless sculpted surface, creating an artful, yet practical, focal point.

ARTE in Bordeaux
ARTÉ by GIO 3D subway tile, shown here in Bordeaux.

GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!

Hotel Design Trends We Love

Hotel lobby front desk
Say good-bye to the hotel lobby front desk.

Clunky check-in desks, energy inefficiency, and floor-after-floor of identical rooms are becoming things of the past in today’s hotels. Hospitality design is certainly moving in exciting directions! Here’s a look at some our favorite trends, as well as a round-up of hotels that showcase them.

Going Green/Eco-Friendly

A growing number of people are selecting hotels based on sustainability. While there are a number of hotels enhancing sustainability in creative ways, there are only five in North America to have achieved LEED platinum certification, and they are: Hotel Skyler, Proximity Hotel, Bardessono, College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, and W San Francisco.

Emphasizing the Past

Many people are drawn to properties that have an interesting history. Historic hotels have a charm that’s not homogenized, and according to a study commissioned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, nearly 80 percent of American travelers prefer to stay in historic neighborhoods and buildings to experience a sense of authenticity in a destination. The National Trust created the Historic Hotels of America (HHA) program in 1989 originally with 34 member properties. Today, there 236 members representing the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can access the list and even make your reservations here.

Saying Goodbye to the Front Desk

The front desk we’ve always known is on its way out. Say good-bye to the barrier between hotel and guest, as well as tedious check-ins, as more and more hotels are inventing streamlined (and hopefully more enjoyable) check-in processes. At the Andaz West Hollywood, for example, guests relax on comfortable furniture enjoying wine, coffee or soda while roaming hosts with iPads check them in. In the Courtyard by Marriot’s recent lobby redesign, the big imposing front desk has been dumped in favor of “welcome pedestals,” where personnel handle the checkins and check-outs and other guests’ needs, too.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Blurring the line between indoors and outside is a design strategy that’s here to stay for several reasons. More and more, people are aspiring to live green with access to fresh air and gardens. It’s also very possibly a backlash to technology since most of us are on computers all day. People want to get back to nature when they’re away from their work and home environments. Many hotels are expanding nature’s soothing embrace to ensure that guests can enjoy beautiful surroundings 24 hours a day. A great example is 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach which was designed to reflect the natural world, with 3,000 feet of living wall wrapping the exterior, made up of 11,000 local tropical plant varieties. Another one is Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozark mountains – an 18,000-square-foot wilderness-inspired spa with aspen trees, river stones and moss flanking the hallway entrance.

Not only does GIO offer the latest in architectural tile and stone, we offer dedicated support – we’re  here to work with you!  Contact us to get our insights on trends in surfacing to enhance your next hospitality design project. 

Photo credit: Courtesy of Prayitno via Flickr Creative Commons. Click Image to view source.