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GIO Tile Looks at Color Psychology in the Work Environment

GIO Tile Offers Tips for Color in Commercial PlacesEveryone enjoys a freshly painted environment, including office employees. But, if you are considering a new office paint color, you’ll need to look beyond the trends, colors of the year, and even what you like. Color creates a powerful emotional stimulus, and your color choice can stimulate, energize, inspire, calm, soothe, or focus your employees. You will want to choose the right colors that might increase productivity, creativity, and general morale. You’ll also want to consider which colors are best for your particular business environment.

Here are helpful color psychology tips on how to select the best colors and tones for your office.

Nature-Inspired Colors
Soft or muted colors, inspired by nature are thought to relax and calm. Muted shades of green, blue, brown and beige are soothing colors and are good choices for doctors’ offices.

If you’re goal is to add a bit of cheer to the environment, yellow is an energizing color that will create a happy, optimistic atmosphere.

Sophisticated Palettes
If you’re in the luxury business, you’ll want to choose a sophisticated palette. Black and white schemes, for instance, are considered distinctive and elegant.

Bright Hues
Bright, saturated colors will inspire creativity and increase energy. They are good choices for creative environments like advertising agencies.

Need to boost confidence around the office? Then blue is your color. Blue shades are also thought to increase productivity, and they suggest loyalty as well. When asked what their favorite color is, people around the world most commonly answer blue, thus going with this hue is often a design choice.

Be careful with red! While red is known to boost energy and stimulate appetites, it also reduces analytical thinking. Red may not be a helpful hue if you need to stay on task.

Unlike its cousin red, pink is known to calm people down. Studies have shown that pink works quickly to tame the nerves, calming people down in about a half hour. Furthermore, once people have been soothed by a pink environment are likely to stay calm. This could be a great color for areas in law offices where conversations could get heated.

White instills a feeling of cleanliness and purity, making it a popular option for hospital and kitchen environments. White is considered sleek and has a modern appeal, but be aware that too much white can elicit boredom, causing people to reflect too much on their own thoughts.

Warm and Cool Hues
If you live in a particularly cold or warm environment, you can actually use color to change how a person perceives the temperature. Colors in the warm spectrum, such as orange, red and yellow, can cause people to think the temperature in the room is warmer than it actually is, while cool colors, such as blue, green and purple, have the opposite effect. Business owners can use this to their advantage in attempt to save on heating and cooling costs.


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