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Pop-Up Shops are Here to Stay (and may provide a source of revenue for the A&D industry)

The concept of the pop-up shop is not new; it began in the early 2000s when retailers started “popping up” with informal, quickly-fabricated storefronts, where products could be sold quickly and in a cost-effective manner. The concept helped landlords fill vacant space and allowed retailers to test new markets with low start-up costs. But the pop-up shop has rapidly become a mainstay of retail culture, with seemingly endless possibilities for unique fashion, food and interior design concepts. Here are some reasons pop-ups are here to stay.

Consumer interest has been built (and retained) by the unique, unpredictable, and often quirky, temporal nature of the concept store. It’s much easier to create a fun, offbeat environment for a pop-up theme store compared with traditional retail, which has more rigid constraints.

Pop-ups are an incredibly effective and low-cost method of marketing products to a targeted demographic. Today’s pop-ups allow global brands to break into new markets in a modern and cost-effective way, bringing designer items to to new markets. From taking over space in a chosen geographic area to creating retail environments associated with seasons or special events, marketers of all sizes can tap into new audiences in contained, lower cost ways. In effect, pop-ups are democratizing the retail industry.

Socially Connected
It’s no coincidence that the rise of the pop-up shop has coincided with the rise in social media platforms. The pop-up model works extremely well with social media, allowing businesses to connect instantly with customers and interact with them in real time, adding to the “cool factor” of this model. With the millennial generation on the cusp of commanding huge wallet power, this connection to social media gives the pop-up shop even more long term viability.

What this Means for the A&D Industry
The development of the pop-up from mere trend to global retail revolution is very interesting for the A&D industry, and may provide an additional source of revenue for firms looking to diversify and modernize their scope of work. The once informal shops placed in vacant spaces are now developing into installations and movable retail centers, allowing new opportunities not only for retailers, but also designers.

Designers may find opportunities in decking transitional retail spaces to be beautifully blank slates that invite custom decor for whatever pop-ups may utilize the spaces. Designers can guide property owners to advance the value of their retail spaces by making smarter material choices that empower temporary retailers to create the inviting experiences they hope to achieve. Also, designers may find lots of creativity in partnering with pop-ups to invent retail designs that travel and install beautifully.

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