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Bringing the Indoors Out


GIO Thick 1.0 porcelain-paver outdoor scene

We’ve been ”bringing the outdoors in” for a while now, and outdoor living isn’t something new. Still, the pandemic experience has dramatically shifted our perceptions regarding the importance of outdoor space, compelling us to “bring the indoors out” in any way we can. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has inspired us to enjoy the outdoors in new ways.

Once a sign of exclusivity, rooftop spaces are becoming an essential part of any well-positioned office building, hotel, or apartment building. Any restaurant that can manage to do so has some outdoor dining, regardless of climate. Churches are creating spaces to hold outdoor services and events. Business travelers, who typically held meetings in hotel lobbies or conference rooms pre-pandemic, now want to take it outside.

Commercial properties are paying closer attention to what’s needed for people to spend more time outside and to make that time just as productive as time spent inside. During Covid, everyone wanted to get outdoors because it was a safer place to be. Now, landlords, developers, architects, and property managers are observing and analyzing how users engage with the landscape to meet emerging customer needs for wellness and well-being.

So, what’s in for outside design?

Though porcelain tile options have long been available for outdoor use, porcelain pavers are fast becoming a preferable alternative to natural stone and concrete. These thick, high-tech pavers are made from the highest grade porcelain and are specifically designed for easy installation over various foundations, including grass, sand, gravel, and standard mortar installations. They are also highly durable and easy to maintain:

  • Fade-resistant in harsh sunlight
  • Impermeable, moisture-proof
  • 100% frost resistant
  • Naturally resistant to stains
  • Mold and moss-resistant
  • Easy to clean with a hose, standard household cleaners, and low-pressure washing systems if necessary
  • No efflorescence (a crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface when water leaves behind salt deposits)

GIO is proud to offer a beautiful line of the highest quality porcelain pavers designed to withstand the most challenging commercial environments. GIO_Thick 1.0 is a collection of 12mm thick pavers available in an extensive range of looks to suit any design scheme.


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