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Tile Trends: GIO Tile Looks at the Growing Popularity of Matte Tiles

Bright, shiny tiles are timeless and classic; you know they’ll never go out of style. However, we’re definitely seeing a rising trend in commercial and residential design towards using tiles with matte finishes. In response to the number of inquiries we’re receiving lately concerning matte tiles, we’re offering a look at when, where and how you might want to use them in your commercial applications.

The Look

The soft, often powdery, finish of matte tiles can lend character to any space. Though perhaps an obvious choice for creating a natural or rustic look, matte finished tiles are a great choice for chic, modern spaces, too. Far from appearing flat, matte tiles can actually look “velvety,” creating a rich, indulgent effect with dynamic visual appeal.

For ultra modern sophistication, choose matte tiles in gray, charcoal or black.

Workshop by GIO
Workshop by GIO in Matte Charcoal

The ever-popular subway tile takes on a whole new look in a larger format with a matte finish. The subdued, low-luster finish sets it apart from its glossy cousins, creating a look that’s clean, yet soft.

Retro by GIO
Retro By GIO in 4′ x 16″ Bone Matte

Advantages of Matte Tiles and Where to Use Them

Traffic by GIO
Matte tiles have high skid, dirt and scratch resistance–making them a an ideal choice for many commercial applications.

Matte tiles can be used anywhere to create a stylish look. Because many matte finishes enhance slip resistance, they are a good choice for floors that could become slippery such as bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, patios and porches–unlike the high gloss tiles that are not suited for floor installations.

In addition to having good traction, some matte tiles can make dirt less visible, offering a smart option for high traffic areas, such as entryways, lobbies, restaurants and retail spaces. For countertops and walls, matte tiles have the advantage of higher resistance to scratching, and as an added bonus, they are less prone to show fingerprints!

Gio_Thin 1.0 Tile for floors, wall and countertops
GIO _Thin 1.0 in Pure Matte Black is on-trend, yet practical for floors, walls and countertops.


Whether bright or matte, every GIO commercial tile is designed with fashion-forward style and engineered for superior performance. We not only know tile, but we also deeply understand the needs of interior designers, architects, and commercial product specifiers. Turn to us for the latest solutions in architectural surfacing for your projects.  We’re here to work with you!


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