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Getting Back to the Office: Revisiting the Resimercial Design Trend

Back in 2018, we published a blog about the rise of resimercial design (the trend of bringing home-like comforts into the workplace). Resimercial design is a marriage of commercial durability with a residential feel, a style that celebrates residential-inspired features over the standardized feel of traditional corporate designs and furnishings. We wrote:

“Home-like environments in the office can lead to more comfortable, and presumably, happier workers. And happy workers, according to current theories, work harder.”

Four years later, and more than two years into the global COVID-19 pandemic, resimercial design has new significance and is more important than ever. We’ve grown accustomed to the comforts of home because we’ve been working from home. Now, as we begin to shift to in-person work environments, adaptation is key to supporting the transition back to the office. Employees want and expect comfort rather than a stark, cold atmosphere, and they crave diversity and choice in where and how they work.

When merging residential and workplace elements, it’s important to understand that office still has to function primarily as a workplace. Residential aspects of design that are incorporated into the office must be flexible enough to be comfortable but should satisfy ergonomic needs as well as the integration of technology. And furnishings and surfaces that feel like home must be able to withstand the wear and tear of a demanding commercial environment.

Here’s a look at some of our tile collections that will lend a residential feel while offering low maintenance and durability for the long haul.


Wood Looks

There’s no doubt about it, wood surfacing is probably one of the top choices for injecting a homey feel into an office environment, But who wants or needs the upkeep to maintain them? We offer a range of wood look porcelain tiles, from incredibly realistic incarnations to more artistic interpretations, all designed to deliver warmth and inject a home-like vibe into any commercial space.

Tigerwood captures the varied graining, rings, and wavy wooden hues of a revered Brazilian hardwood species, offered in plank sizes for flawless installations.

Tigerwood floor and wall tile
Tigerwood in Saddle 6x 36 Rectified

Versailles masterfully replicates centuries-old parquet in a range of looks featuring modern planks, criss-cross, and inlay designs —stunning style for the modern traditionalist.

Versailles by GIO Floor and Wall Tile
Versailles, 24×24 Grey Rectified Inlay

Atelier goes minimal for maximum style, and the result is flawless Norwegian chic in four fresh, lightly grained hues available in standard or chevron planks.

Atelier Wood Look Floor and Wall Tile by GIO in Grey 8x40
Atelier, Grey 8×40

See all of our wood-look porcelain lines here.


Remember when offices were mostly beige? Not any more. Injecting color into an office design scheme is a great way to amp up the residential feel, and we have the tile collections to do just that.

Vitro glass tile for walls is offered in crystalline colors with shimmering or frosty finishes. The line is thoroughly modern and available in both mosaic modular sizes.

Vitro wall tile
Vitro, Aqua Mini Brick Mosaic

The rainbow reigns in this colorful collection of porcelain primary hues. Colori offers the ultimate palette with a spectrum of options for any fanatic of chromatic design.


We’re always trying to bring the outside into our homes, and the commercial office should be no different. Biophilic design elements, which replicate the sensations of the natural world, also contributes significantly to our productivity.

Mural brings the bold art of nature to your wall-to-wall interior design with this daring collection of polished, 24×48 tiles in two stunning groupings–sumptuous marbles and two animal-inspired styles.

GIO Mural, Aqua Onyx 24x48 Polished & Rectified
Mural, Aqua Onyx 24×48 Polished & Rectified

Rex is a stunning vein-cut onyx look interpreted in enduring porcelain. Offered in four lush neutrals in a polished or matte finish, Rex is classic, sexy, and bold.

Rex, Black 24 x 48 Polished and Rectified Bookmatch Field Tile


Many companies have successfully invested in resimercial design for their offices so that workers can relax and collaborate more naturally. There’s really no argument—making the workplace feel like home is a big step in the right direction for transitioning employees back to the office, while increasing retention, productivity, and creativity in the long term.

GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!

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