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GIO’s New Product Review

What a year it has been! As we near the one-year mark of when the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, we can look back on how we have experienced so many changes in the design and construction industry. Trade shows have gone virtual, digital presentations are the norm, and the non-residential construction industry is not without its challenges.

But while the new construction market for buildings is expected to be weaker this year, the good news is that the retrofit market promises to be a good deal stronger. Many existing commercial and institutional facilities need significant modifications to accommodate a post-pandemic staff and client base  (much of this activity is not included in the construction spending figures). And, according to AIA, there’s also likely to be “considerable pent-up demand for nonresidential space” in the near future.

In spite of the shut-downs and continuation of this pandemic, we at GIO are grateful to have been able to adapt to the changing market. We’ve continued bringing you innovative new floor and wall tile collections throughout 2020, and we are still going strong in 2021. Just in the past three months, we’ve launched more than a half dozen new lines! Here’s a look at what’s new at GIO.


The subtle look of veined marble crossed with classic stone visuals, REALE inkjet glazed porcelain tile for floors and walls is offered in chalky hues and a range of sizes (including mosaic and bullnose trim) — ideal for mix-and-matching.

GIO-Reale, Noce, 12x24
Reale in Noce, 12×24



Elegantly rugged Provenza will stand the test of time. These amply sized 12″ x 48″ inkjet rectified porcelain planks for floors and walls echo true wood’s story with worn, weathered details in the varied tones of aged bark.

Provenza, Bianco 12x48 Rectified Field Tile
Provenza in Bianco, 12×48 Rectified Field Tile



Offering lush interpretations of beloved marbles, our versatile Marmi_Trend collection offers popular subways and sexy hexes, 3D linear decos, and more. This elegant and edgy marble look porcelain tile line is perfect for both floors and walls.

Marmi_Trend in Statuary Hex Field Tile
Marmi_Trend in Statuary Hex Field Tile



Brook_Mood is a trendy porcelain line featuring a handmade effect and stacked with options. The glazed porcelain line for floors and walls line is offered in 2×10 tiles, five hues, and two finishes, glossy and matte.

GIO-brick_mood,-Black-2x10-Glossy-and-Matte-Field-Tile room scene
Brick_Mood in Black, 2×10 Glossy and Matte Field Tile



This colorful collection of porcelain primary hues offers the ultimate palette with a spectrum of options. Colori is colored body porcelain for floors and walls, offered in both unglazed and polished finishes and a range of sizes including mosaic and bullnose trim.

Colori floor tile, Red 24x24 Matte Rectified
Colori in Red, 24×24 Matte Rectified



A color body, unglazed porcelain tile in must-have neutrals in solid tones, rectified sizes, and anti-slip surface. Element for floors and walls gives you all the essentials with endless potential.

GIO Element, Dark Grey 6 x 24 Rectified
Element in Dark Grey, 6 x 24 Rectified


A stunning vein-cut, onyx look interpreted in powerful porcelain. Rex is an inkjet, rectified glazed porcelain in polished or matte finishes, offered in 24×48 tiles, four lush neutrals, and a gorgeous bookmatch option.

Rex in Black, 24 x 48 Polished and Rectified Bookmatch Field Tile


We hope you have enjoyed this highlight of our latest and greatest. GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!

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