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GIO Explores Tile Styles: Masterful Imitations

Tile has been a popular choice for interiors for centuries, and it has gone through many changes in terms of formats and finishes over time. Tile technology has advanced so much that it can be hard to tell the difference between ceramic tile and the natural material it’s emulating. Even the textures can be replicated so accurately that it’s possible to be fooled even when touching the surface. Rare stones, beautiful hardwoods, and many other valuable materials can all be beautifully replicated in ceramic and porcelain.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles often have advantages over the “real” materials found in nature. Tile is made primarily of clay and water and contains no VOCs, which means it promotes good indoor air quality. It is impermeable, making it water-resistant and, therefore, resistant to mold and mildew. Additionally, tile has a long lifespan, making its environmental impact low. Porcelain tile is a beautiful and sustainable way to showcase natural materials without depleting the earth. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it especially attractive to commercial building owners. GIO offers a range of lines that closely resemble their more natural (and likely less durable) counterparts.  Let the GIO “Faux Show” begin!


Marble-look tiles have remained a timeless trend for many years. Thanks to advancements in tile technology, ceramic surfaces now offer limitless possibilities, including highly realistic imitations of luxurious marbles in impressively large sizes.


Marmi_Satin porcelain tile is a stunning collection of exquisite marbles paired with a brushed satin finish, adding spectacular stone elegance to any space.

GIO Marmi_Satin, Bluette 24 x24 Rectified and Brushed Field Tile
GIO Marmi_Satin, Bluette 24 x24 Rectified and Brushed Field Tile


This bold collection of polished large-format 24×48 tiles infuses interior designs with the striking art of nature. Mural porcelain tile is available in two captivating assortments—luxurious marbles and two animal-inspired designs—these tiles bring a daring touch to any wall-to-wall space.

GIO Mural, Aqua Onyx 24x48 Polished & Rectified
GIO Mural, Aqua Onyx 24×48 Polished & Rectified


Crema_Avoria floor and wall tile embodies the elegance of prestigious Sicilian marble with its rich veining, all captured in a luxurious porcelain palette.

GIO Crema_Avorio, 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified
GIO Crema_Avorio, 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified


Drawing inspiration from materials quarried in the radiant Lombardy region of Italy, Varenna porcelain tile features a striking contrast of black and white marble porcelain. Its dramatic veining makes it perfect for creating a bold statement in any space.

Room scene with GIO Varenna,Bianca 24 x 48 Honed & Rectified Field Tile
Room scene with GIO Varenna,Bianca 24 x 48 Honed & Rectified Field Tile


Dramatic, elegant, and timeless, Renoir marble-look porcelain tile offers sumptuous shades, shapes, and sizes set to enhance any style of space.

GIO Renoir, Arabescato 32x32 Polished & Rectified Field Tile
GIO Renoir, Arabescato 32×32 Polished & Rectified Field Tile


Classically modern and eternally stylish, this marble-look tile captures the distinctive striations and variations of Carrara marble. Bianca porcelain tile is available in large and mosaic sizes and polished or matte finishes.

GIO Bianca, Carrara 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified
GIO Bianca, Carrara 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified



Experience the boldness of Statuarietto Bianco porcelain floor and wall tile, featuring dramatic veining and marble elegance. Available in a variety of statuary sizes, this tile offers endless possibilities for any porcelain project.

GIO Statuarietto Bianco, 30 x 30 Polished & Rectified statuarietto
GIO Statuarietto Bianco, 30 x 30 Polished & Rectified statuarietto



The appearance of wood has gone beyond being just a trend and is now considered a staple in the surfacing industry. Advancements in printing technology have made wood-look tiles increasingly realistic. There is also a growing trend towards more artistic wood looks rather than strictly authentic ones. Regardless of the direction you choose, it’s clear that wood looks are a lasting presence in the industry.


Wood-look porcelain achieves a minimalist style with flawless Norwegian chic. Atelier porcelain wood-look planks are available in four fresh, lightly-grained hues in standard or chevron.

Atelier Wood Look Floor and Wall Tile by GIO in Grey 8x40


Tigerwood wood-look porcelain tile is a durable surface solution that replicates the diverse graining, rings, and wavy wooden tones of a revered Brazilian hardwood species. It comes in plank sizes for seamless installations.

GIO Tigerwood, Saddle 6x 36 Rectified
GIO Tigerwood, Saddle 6x 36 Rectified


Umber is a classic wood look porcelain in four fresh tones interpreted in powerful porcelain planks, plus an exterior paver for on-trend looks inside or out.

GIO Umber, Bianco 8x 48 Rectified
Umber, Bianco 8x 48 Rectified


Vesrailles masterfully replicates centuries-old parquet in a new range featuring modern planks, a criss-cross inlay design, plus a listello mosaic.

Versailles by GIO Floor and Wall Tile
Versailles, 24×24 Grey Rectified Inlay


This contemporary collection of porcelain tile planks offers a sleek, minimalist style. Modern comes in four gorgeous, go-anywhere colors and designer herringbone accents.

Modern Floor and Wall Tile in charcoal 8x36
Modern, Charcoal 8 x36


Stone-look tiles add a chic and artistic touch to any space. They are versatile, providing a myriad of style options, and offer the advantages of exceptional durability and easy maintenance.


Inspired by Belgian Bluestone, a timeless and beautiful limestone, Bluestone_Pierre large-format porcelain tile offers a classic appeal with its rich colors, dark tones, and ancient fossils. This unique series features a stunning porcelain interpretation with tumbled edges, capturing the essence of the stone in each piece.

GIO Bluestone_Pierre, Nero 16x24
GIO Bluestone_Pierre, Nero 16×24


Inspired by the light, luminous Lecce limestone of Italy, Salento porcelain tile is interpreted in a trio of select sizes.

GIO Salento, Versailles Pattern
GIO Salento, Versailles Pattern


Slab_48 porcelain panels blend modern design with innovation. These lightweight, vibrant panels are versatile and stunning, enhancing any style of space with their extraordinary appearance.

GIO Slab_48, Onyx Green 48 x110 Polished
GIO Slab_48, Onyx Green 48 x110 Polished


Onyx_Lux porcelain tile is a luxuriously large, elegant onyx with rich and contrasting colors. It is a polished porcelain with pastel shades and stunning swirls for walls and floors.

GIO Onyx_Lux, Dark 29 x 58 Polished & Rectified
GIO Onyx_Lux, Dark 29 x 58 Polished & Rectified


Jura porcelain tile offers rich, neutral, and light organic tones blended with fossils and shells in a timeless limestone interpretation, available in a trio of finishes.

GIO Jura, Light Beige 24x48 Rectified Field Tile
GIO Jura, Light Beige 24×48 Rectified Field Tile



Mirabella porcelain tile is a lively collection inspired by limestone, influenced by the quarries of Portugal, and blended with a quartet of contemporary colors and subtle striations.

GIO Mirabella, Ivory 24x48 Rectified Field Tile
GIO Mirabella, Ivory 24×48 Rectified Field Tile


Slate, stone & rock influence this illustration of stylish stoneware in porcelain. Petra porcelain tile is available in a variety of sizes, timeless tones, and two textures for today’s trends.

GIO Petra, Anthracite 24x48 Honed Field Tile
GIO Petra, Anthracite 24×48 Honed Field Tile


Inspired by Pietra del Cardoso, a sandstone quarried in Italy, Cardoso has an elegant, sophisticated style. This line is available in three authentically detailed colors and generous sizes.

GIO Cardoso, Grey 24x48 Rectified
Cardoso, Grey 24×48 Rectified


Bold stone style inspires this enduring porcelain line. Matera porcelain tile comes in a range of diverse sizes and four rich hues.

GIO Matera, Anthracite 24x48 Rectified
Anthracite 24×48 Rectified


Forza offers travertine’s luxe look in all its vein-cut, sophisticated glory. This timeless stone-look porcelain collection comes in a generously sized field tile plus two different mosaics.

GIO Forza, Taupe 24x24
Forza, Taupe 24×24



Veneto is a chic porcelain tile inspired limestone and concrete, perfect for modern, industrial styles. This stone look collection is available in three neutral hues, generous sizes, and trims.


Veneto Floor and Wall Tile by GIO
Veneto Porcelain Floor & Wall tile in Bianco 24×48


GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tiles sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We’re here to help you stay on top of your design projects during these unusual times with digital resources, free sample delivery, and virtual presentations. We look forward to working with you!

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