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GIO Looks at Tile Styles: “Natural” Materials

Tile has been an interior staple for centuries and it has evolved into many formats and finishes over time. Tile technology has become so sophisticated that it can be difficult to discern with the eye ceramic tile from the “real” thing.  These days, even the textures can be emulated, so it’s possible that even a touch test might not reveal the surfaces’ true nature. Rare stones, exquisite hardwoods, and many other precious materials all find their doppelganger in tile these days.

Essentially comprised of dirt and water, and with no VOCs, tile promotes good indoor air quality; it’s also impermeable, which makes it water-resistant (and thus mold and mildew resistant) and sanitary. Tile has a long life, making its environmental impact low. There’s no doubt about it: porcelain tile is a beautiful and sustainable way to present natural materials without depleting the earth.

GIO offers so many on-trend tile styles that provide the performance characteristics required for commercial settings, including a range of lines that closely resemble their more natural (and likely less durable) counterparts.  Let’s take a look at them.


Still on-trend for many years now, marble look tiles have proven to be timeless.  The latest technologies and newest technologies have led to endless possibilities on ceramic surfaces, including realistic reproductions of luxury marbles in very big sizes.


Bardiglio offers a striking marble look with its lean, parallel veining. This durable porcelain collection is offered in bold sizes and two shades of gray, polished and matte.

Bardiglio, Bianco 24×48 Polished & Rectified Field Tile bardiglio



Carrara mimics the elegant veining of true Italian Carrara marble. This colored body line is interpreted in three luminous versions and large format sizes.

GIO Carrara, Striato 24x48 Honed
Carrara, Striato 24×48 Honed



Marmi_Trend is a modern marvel, with lush interpretations of marbles featuring popular subways and sexy hexes, 3D linear decos, and more.

Marmi_Trend, Statuary Hex Field Tile
Marmi_Trend, Statuary Hex Field Tile



Lush veining and authentic marble tones give Marmi_Lux a luxurious, elegan look. These porcelain marble-look tiles come. in polished or matte for stunnig walls and floors.

GIO Marmi_Lux, Amina 30 x30 Matte Field Tile
Marmi_Lux, Amina 30 x30 Matte


Wood looks have long-surpassed the trend stage and are now considered staples in the surfacing realm. Technological improvements in printing have made wood look tiles more and more realistic, but there’s also now a trend towards creative wood looks that lean more artistic than authentic. Whichever way you go, there’s no doubt that wood looks are here to stay.


Elegantly rugged Provenza will stand the test of time. These amply sized porcelain planks echo true wood’s story with worn, weathered details and a trio of aged wood-toned hues.

Provenza, Bianco 12x48 Rectified Field Tile
Provenza, Bianco 12×48 Rectified Field Tile


Umber is a classic wood-look in four fresh tones interpreted in powerful porcelain planks plus an exterior paver, for on-trend looks inside or out.

GIO Umber, Bianco 8x 48 Rectified
Umber, Bianco 8x 48 Rectified


Vesrailles masterfully replicates centuries-old parquet in a new range featuring modern planks, a criss-cross inlay design, plus a listello mosaic.

Versailles by GIO Floor and Wall Tile
Versailles, 24×24 Grey Rectified Inlay


This contemporary collection of porcelain tile planks offers a sleek, minialmist style. Modern comes in four gorgeous, go-anywhere colors and designer herringbone accents.

Modern Floor and Wall Tile in charcoal 8x36
Modern, Charcoal 8 x36


Stone-look tile options can enrich environments with a chic artfulness. Stone-look tile is versatile, offering endless style choices with the benefits of extraordinary durability and simple maintenance.


Inspired by Pietra del Cardoso, a sandstone quarried in Italy, Cardoso has an elegant, sophisticated style. This line is available in three authentically detailed colors and generous sizes.

GIO Cardoso, Grey 24x48 Rectified
Cardoso, Grey 24×48 Rectified


Bold stone style inspires this enduring porcelain line. Matera comes in a range of diverse sizes and four rich hues.

GIO Matera, Anthracite 24x48 Rectified
Anthracite 24×48 Rectified


Forza offers travertine’s luxe look in all its vein-cut, sophisticated glory. This timeless stone-look porcelain collection comes in a generously sized field tile plus two different mosaics.

GIO Forza, Taupe 24x24
Forza, Taupe 24×24



Here is yet another travertine look, but of a different stripe. Maximus offers linear detailing in dramatic true stone coloring and comes in a diverse array of sizes in three authentic hues.


Maximus, Grey 24x48
Maximus, Grey 24×48


Veneto is a chic porcelain tile inspired limestone and concrete, perfect for modern, industrial styles. This stone look collection is available in three neutral hues, generous sizes, and trims.


Veneto Floor and Wall Tile by GIO
Veneto Porcelain Floor & Wall tile in Bianco 24×48

GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We’re here to help you stay on top of your design projects during these unusual times with digital resources, free sample delivery, and virtual presentations. We look forward to working with you!

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