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GIO Looks at the Advantages of Exterior Porcelain Pavers

GIO_Thick 1.0
GIO_Thick 1.0, 20mm porcelain pavers (Click the image to see more of this collection.)

While concrete and natural stone pavers have long been go-to options for exterior horizontal surfaces, we’re seeing porcelain tile options become increasingly popular alternatives for outdoor flooring installations. Thanks to modern methods of tile manufacturing, we now have more porcelain tile products that are fully viable for exterior applications. These porcelain surfaces offer technical specifications that meet or exceed the performance of natural stone and concrete while providing a wide range of looks to answer just about any design style desired for outdoor installations.

The latest advancement in porcelain for hardscaping these days is porcelain pavers – slab-like tiles fabricated from the highest grade porcelain and specially designed and engineered for direct installation over grass, sand, gravel and standard substrates. So, what are some of the benefits of this high-tech surfacing material?

Stain and Chemical Resistant

Unlike concrete and stone, porcelain pavers require no sealing to resist stains. They naturally resist stains and are virtually impervious to chemicals, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Porcelain pavers  are extremely easy to clean with a hose and standard household cleaners and, if necessary, low pressure washing systems. Porcelain pavers will retain their beauty far longer than stone and concrete.

Slip Resistant

Porcelain pavers are designed so that the top surface is extremely slip resistant, an important safety feature when it comes to areas prone to slipperiness, such as walkways near irrigation systems and swimming pool patios. Many natural stones won’t be slip resistant unless a special finish is applied as a separate step after installation.

GIO_Thick 1.0 porcelain pavers


There’s no denying the superior durability of modern porcelain pavers. Their colors will withstand the most intense sunlight and abusive weather. The pigments in concrete pavers will fade over time, and even natural stone can show signs of weathering in harsh conditions.

And when it comes to water absorption, porcelain pavers allow minimal water absorption and are 100% frost resistant. This is in contrast to natural stone, which can absorb a significant amount of moisture that can lead to freezing and cracking in cold weather.

Design Potential

Thanks to advances in digital printing technology, porcelain pavers are design chameleons with the ability to beautifully mimic natural materials like wood and stone. The design and color choices available are nearly endless – you are only limited by your imagination when it comes hardscaping with porcelain pavers!

GIO_Thick 1.0 porcelain pavers


Ease of Installation

Porcelain pavers are designed for easy installation over a variety of foundations, including grass, sand, gravel, and standard mortar installations. Their precision sizing and uniformity make for easier and faster installation, plus they may be lighter in weight compared to natural stone.

GIO_Thick 1.0 porcelain pavers


With porcelain’s advantages as alternatives to concrete and natural stone for exterior installations, It’s no wonder that porcelain pavers are truly what’s in for outside design! Be sure to check out our GIO_Thick 1.0, 20 mm porcelain pavers. 


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