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There’s Subway Tile, and then there’s SUBWAY TILE!

There’s no denying that subway tile is a classic. The shiny white 3″ x 6″ ceramic tiles were the surfacing material of choice for the New York subway system that opened in 1904. It didn’t take long for these rectangular tiles to make their way into our bathrooms and kitchens across the country, where they have remained a staple of interior design for decades.

With over 100 years of popularity, it’s pretty safe to say that subway tiles are timeless. But as with many classics, it’s often a new twist given to the “expected” that makes the designs endure. And subway tile is no exception: on-trend colors, unconventional installation patterns, contrasting grout colors, and dimensional design are some of the modern alterations that are keeping this classic current.

Here’s a look at some fun and exciting takes on subway tile.

These oversized (4′ x 16″) subway tiles laid in a horizontal stack pattern transcend the ordinary to visually expand the small space.

Retro series 4x16 arctic white available in bright or matte finish
RETRO by GIO in 4×16 Arctic White, available in bright or matte finish

There is so much going here that takes this subway tile to a whole different level. First, the tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern, but there’s a twist on the twist: the Vs of the herringbone are turned so that the side is parallel to the floor. The off-beat pattern in a three color combo is anything but conventional and creates a fun, geometric look. And finally, dimensional tiles add a decorative element to the party.

Freestyle by GIO in 5 x 7 Bright with Decoria
FREESTYLE by GIO in 5 x 7 Bright with Decoria

The popularity of handmade materials can not be overlooked. These artisan inspired subway tiles converge old world style with fashion forward finishes for a look that can be timeless or trendy.

HANDMADE by GIO in Bronze, 3 x 12
HANDMADE by GIO in Bronze, 3 x 12

Traditional white subway tiles are forever classic, but we’re now seeing these tiles in every color imaginable. Give them a jumbo format, throw in some dimensional decorated pieces, and you’ve got wall tile eye candy!

Moda wall tile by GIO
MODA by GIO wall tile, 5 x 13D

Dimensional subway tiles are a daring and dramatic twist on the classic rectangle. These innovative 3D tiles will easily transform walls into works of art.

ARTÉ by GIO 3D subway tiles
ARTÉ by GIO in 5 x 12 Bianco

A twist on subway tile plus a twist on chevron – what more could you ask for to create a vibrant, dramatic look?

Retro by Gio Chevron

There’s no denying that subway tile is a classic, and there’s no doubt that subway tile is here to stay, thanks to creative innovations in tile design and the ingenuity of interior designers to seek new and interesting ways to take subway tile installations to new levels.

GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!

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