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GIO Looks at the Appeal of Artisan Tile

Handmade tiles add charm, warmth, and unique character to spaces. “Perfectly imperfect” is a wonderful way to describe handmade items, particularly tiles. The hallmark of handcrafted tiles is their irregularity. They have uneven surfaces and non-straight edges, which give even the simplest tile shapes and colors an added dimension of interest.

Although handmade tiles are undeniably beautiful and charming, they do have a few downsides, especially for large, commercial environments:

  1. Tiles crafted individually by hand tend to be expensive.
  2. Their installation can be tricky, and their cleaning and maintenance will take extra work.
  3. It can be challenging to source vintage or antique handcrafted tiles in bulk, making sizeable handmade tile installations challenging for most commercial design projects.

The recent trend of valuing “imperfections” in craftsmanship has resulted in the production of mass-manufactured ceramic tiles that are designed to look like handmade, artisanal tiles. Thanks to advances in tile manufacturing technology, some of these tiles can often pass as the real thing, fooling the untrained eye. Others offer an artisnal aesthetic that’s been re-proposed and interpreted in a new way, perfect for giving a sophisticated and exclusive look to your interior design projects. Although these tiles may appear uneven and imperfect, they are actually made with precision, which makes them easier to install and maintain. Additionally, cleaning and maintenance are a breeze, usually requiring only warm water or a mild cleaning solution.

If you’re searching for a tile product with the look and feel of handmade tiles, you have landed at the right place. GIO provides a wide range of stunning porcelain and ceramic tile products that emanate charm and character while being tough enough to withstand the daily wear and tear of a commercial environment.


Inspired by hand-wrought cotto bricks (or London bricks), Brick_Cotto porcelain tiles have an irregular surface but are soft and pleasant to the touch. They still have a contemporary edge but are reminiscent of the exposed façade bricks that characterize London buildings.

GIO Brick_Cotto, Verde 3x10 Field Tile


Mia wall tile is a new Moroccan-inspired artistic collection with decorative porcelain patterns in four classic yet on-trend tones.

GIO Mia, Bone 5x5 Cross and Terracotta 6x6 Star
GIO Mia, Bone 5×5 Cross and Terracotta 6×6 Star


Chroma wall tile is classically designed in a handmade artisan style with a trio of finishes and creative, contemporary colors.

GIO Chroma, Taupe 3x8 Glossy and Matte Field Tile
GIO Chroma, Taupe 3×8 Glossy and Matte Field Tile


Argille wall tile offers the look of hand-hewn clay glazed to peak sophistication. The glossy subway tiles are generously sized and offered in a stunning 8-color neutral palette.

GIO Argille, Anthracite 5x10 Wall Tile
GIO Argille, Anthracite 5×10 Wall Tile


Naxos wall tile offers the look of subtly beveled handcrafted tiles in six glossy hues and a modern, linear 3′ x 16 size.

GIO Naxos, Grey 3x16 Wall Tile
GIO Naxos, Grey 3×16 Wall Tile


Chic meets antique in this modern collection crafted to converge Old World style with fashion-forward finishes. Handmade wall tile comes in a range of beautiful colors plus metallic finishes, crackle finishes, and a 7″ hex.

Gio Handmade Metallic Bronze 3×12


Retro style meets subway tile with our Barista collection. With an antique chic look, this line pays homage to handcrafted tile with a palette of gleaming neutrals.

GIO Barista, Ivory and Dove Grey 4 x12 Bright
GIO Barista, Ivory and Dove Grey 4 x12 Bright


Our Zellige wall tile collection offers Moroccan tile inspiration in a range of brilliant glazes. Learn more about the Zellige tradition.

GIO Zellige, Suk Black 5 x 5
GIO Zellige, Suk Black 5 x 5


GIO Tile is committed to being at the forefront of commercial design, bringing you only the finest commercial-grade products, hand-picked from global sources, based on our focused knowledge of what you need to transform commercial spaces. Contact us anytime – we’re here to work with you!

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