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GIO Looks at Design Trends: Calming Design, Warm Neutrals

Trending hashtags tell the unfolding design story: #calmingdesign, #warmneutrals, #healthyspaces, #sanctuaryspace, #softwalls. More and more, as designers (and consumers!) understand the impact of design on mental health, calming and soothing design strategies are being implemented in commercial and residential spaces. The idea is to help promote rest, a sense of calm, and relaxation in the spirit of mindfulness. Using design principles to reduce stress and anxiety isn’t a new concept, but there is a clear movement toward warmer neutrals, particularly in the workplace, to bring a sense of calm to commercial settings.

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Warm Greys

Warm grey, with it’s undertones of yellow, red, and brown, will give spaces a space a warmer, cozier fee. Unlike the cooler grey shades with blue undertones (which can be a bit depressing), the warm shades of grey can be very calming and relaxing.

GIO Amani, Light Grey Polished and Rectified 24x24
GIO Amani, Light Grey Polished and Rectified 24×24


Featuring GIO Workshop, Medium Grey 24x48 Honed Rectified Field Tile
GIO Workshop, Medium Grey 24×48 Honed Rectified Field Tile


Dependable Beige

With its soft and comforting tones, beige brings simplicity and warmth to spaces. This versatile neutral shade serves as a canvas for creativity, allowing other colors, textures, and visual elements to shine against a soothing backdrop.

GIO Chalk, Tan 12 x 24 (Wall)
GIO Chalk, Tan 12 x 24 (Wall)


GIO Chroma, Taupe 3x8 Glossy and Matte Field Tile
GIO Chroma, Taupe 3×8 Glossy and Matte Field Tile


GIO Jura, Light Beige 24x48 Rectified Field Tile
GIO Jura, Light Beige 24×48 Rectified Field Tile

The Best of Both Worlds: Greige

Another option for a warmer take on gray, is to go for greige: a combination of gray and beige for a soft neutral hue that balances warm and cool tones. Greige serves as the perfect neutral and can work in cool or warm palettes.


GIO Mirabella, Ivory 24x48 Rectified Field Tile
GIO Mirabella, Ivory 24×48 Rectified Field Tile


GIO Coccio, Silver Cenere 36 x 36 Rectified Field Tile
GIO Coccio, Silver Cenere 36 x 36 Rectified Field Tile

Creamy and Warm Whites with Texture

While stark whites can bring a clinical feel, warmer, creamier whites create spaces that feel relaxing, rejuvenating, and less chaotic. Designers are using textured soft whites to create a comforting tactility.

RIVEL by GIO Wall Tile
GIO Rivel, 3×9 Bianco
NEO_Brick wall tile —image of brick-look back wall in a bar
GIO Neo_Brick Bianco 2 x9

Earthen Pinks

Earthy, muted, clay pinks offer a sense of reassurance and can create a sense of balance in interior spaces.

GIO Mia, Bone 5x5 Cross and Terracotta 6x6 Star
GIO Mia, Bone 5×5 Cross and Terracotta 6×6 Star

Relaxing Wood Looks

Environments with wooden structures are  shown to cause a drop in blood pressure, lower the pulse, and have a calming effect. These healing effects are caused by the Biophilia Effect, the idea that spending time in a more natural setting can improve the physical and mental health of the people who live, work, and gather in the space.

GIO Veneer, Honey 12x48 Rectified
GIO Veneer, Honey 12×48 Rectified


Atelier Wood Look Floor and Wall Tile by GIO in Grey 8x40
GIO Atelier, Grey 8×40

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