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#ihavethisthingwithterrazzo – GIO Answers the Terrazzo Trend


GIO Terrazzo, in Deco Mix

In 2017, when Pinterest searches for terrazzo increased 316 percent, Pinterest suggested the Italian flooring option would be a major trend in 2018. Indeed, the prediction was spot-on, with authentic terrazzo flooring making a big come-back to become one of the hottest flooring trends of the year. It wasn’t long before digital printing techniques enabled tile manufacturers to create realistic (and much less costly) porcelain look-alikes of the composite material. But terrazzo looks weren’t relegated to flooring.

As the terrazzo trend exploded, the look spread beyond flooring to include furniture, luggage, dinnerware, fabrics, wallpaper, you name it…terrazzo is now everywhere. A quick hashtag search on Instagram reveals nearly a half-million hits for #terrazzo. Search on Pinterest, and you will be rewarded with seemingly infinite scrolling of terrazzo looks.

Handmade terrazzo bisque pieces, photo courtesy of Good Hearted Woman, Denver, Colorado (found on Instagram)
Terrazo pillow on Zazzle marketplace by designer Maria Pribytkina (found on Pinterest)

What is Terrazzo?

Traditionally featuring a medley of marble chips, terrazzo is a costly and laborious dying art. Terrazzo originated several hundred years ago in the Mediterranean region. Back then, terrazzo, which is the Italian word for “terrace,” was made by pressing marble or other stone chips into the surface of natural clay and then sealing it with goat’s milk for a mosaic look. Eventually, cement replaced clay, and bits of glass and painted tile found their way into the surface.

Today, most of the terrazzo installed includes resin, polymers, and epoxy. Natural stone chips, such as marble, quartz, and granite are top choices for a terrazzo finish, but you’ll find other types of aggregate such as glass pebbles, synthetic chips, and silica bits. While stunning in looks, durable, and relatively easy to maintain, authentic terrazzo is extremely labor-intensive to create and install, making it one of the most expensive types of flooring available.

How is Terrazzo Made?

To give you an idea of the labor (and mess!) involved, here are the basic steps for creating a terrazzo floor:

    1. The existing flooring is removed, and the concrete surface is roughed-up to ensure the terrazzo mixture will adhere. Cracks are filled in, and a leveling compound is applied if the substrate isn’t flat.
    2. If you’ve opted for a design, the pattern will be transferred to the substrate using metal strips to separate each section of the design.
    3. Next, a sandy cement base is applied, and while it’s still wet, the terrazzo mixture is spread on top and leveled out (one section at a time). At this point, extra bits of aggregate may be sprinkled on top and smoothed into the surface.
    4. As the mixture hardens, the surface is compressed and flattened with a heavy roller.
    5. Once the terrazzo mixture has completely cured ( at least 48 hours), a large grinder is used to smooth the top. It’s a messy, dusty process because the stone and cement are ground into a fine powder.
    6. Tiny pinholes on the surface are filled with a pigmented slurry.
    7. For the final step, the terrazzo surface is brought to a gleaming shine with a polisher that uses very fine diamond-grit pads to give the floor a glossy, smooth finish.

With all these laborious steps, it’s no wonder that real terrazzo is so costly. Porcelain terrazzo-look tiles are a beautiful (and typically more affordable) alternative for floors and walls, offering superior performance, lower maintenance, (heavily soiled terrazzo should be cleaned with a buffing machine, but no need for that with porcelain tile alternatives!), and better slip-resistance (newly installed and polished terrazzo floors are very slippery).

Check out Terrazzo by GIO, available in two finishes and a range of colors and styles — Aggregate, Fleck, and Deco Mix.

Terrazzo by GIO Floor and Wall Tile
Terrazzo, Anthracite Matte Rectified 24 x24
GIO Terrazzo in Aggregate Dark Grey
GIO Terrazzo in Aggregate Light Grey
GIO Terrazzo in Aggregate Light Grey


GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!

HEX_LEONIS floor and wall tile-cropped

A Look at GIO’s Latest and Greatest!

In normal times, spring is the season for major trade shows that introduce to the design world the latest and greatest in flooring and surfacing solutions. These are certainly not normal times, but that hasn’t prevented us from finding new and exciting tile collections for your commercial designs. Trade shows have gone virtual, digital presentations are fast becoming the norm, and in spite of everything that’s changed the past few months due to the coronavirus, we’re excited to be able to bring you innovative new floor and wall tile collections.  Always assessing our offerings to ensure we’re bringing you the best of the best, we’ve retired a few lines to make way for fresh options that are sure to inspire upcoming specifications.
Here’s a look at what’s new and now:

Hex_Leonis packs a punch with geometric inkjet decorations on hexagonal shapes. This customizably cool collection for floors and walls is available in four versatile hues.

HEX_LEONIS blue wall tile in kitchen
HEX_LEONIS in Blue 7×8


We’ve added a new workhorse tile to our lineup. Absolute for commercial floors and walls is a color body, unglazed tile offered in all the necessary neutrals and a range of sizes including mosaic, bullnose, and cove base in addition to the field tiles.

Absolute Floor and Wall Tile in Marrone
ABSOLUTE in Marrone 12×24 Rectified

Wood-look porcelain goes minimal for maximum style with Atelier for floors and walls. The result is flawless Norwegian chic in four lightly grained hues, available in both standard or chevron planks.

Atelier Wood Look Floor and Wall Tile by GIO in Grey 8x40
ATELIER in Grey 8×40


Indulgently large size options and a six-color spectrum of sophisticated neutrals make Tribeca stand out from the crowd. Stacked mosaic and bullnose complement the rectified field tiles.

Tribeca by GIO porcelain tile for floors and walls
TRIBECA in Charcoal 24×48 Rectified

Handmade and meets modern with Pigment, available in six on-trend hues and a lean 2″ x 14″ format.  Recommended for all walls and light floor use.

Pigment Floor and Wall Tile
PIGMENT in Navy 2×14.

The look of hand-hewn clay is glazed to peak sophistication with Argille for walls. The result is a glossy, bossy, oversized  5x 10″ subway tile in a stunning 8-color palette.

Argille subway tile for floor and wall
ARGILLE in Anthracite 5″ x 10″

GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We’re here to help you stay on top of your design projects during these unusual times with digital resources, free sample delivery, and virtual presentations. We look forward to working with you!








COLOR STUDY: The Year for Blue Hues

Following Sherwin-Williams’ announcement of its 2020 Color of the Year, a bold navy blue called Naval, Pantone named Classic Blue as its Color of the Year for 2020. It’s no surprise that these blue shades were selected as colors of the year. One of the calmest colors in the spectrum, blue is a world-wide favorite, evocative of the sea and sky, offering classic appeal in all areas of design.

Blue’s range of hues offers so much diversity, simultaneously bringing us the depths of the ocean along with the light and airiness of clouds above. Blue stands for integrity, trust, power, tranquility, and health. Beneficial for both mind and body, the color blue promotes healing and understanding and can help us turn to a more mindful temperament. Reliable and familiar blue is a calming color we turn to in times of unease.

For interior designers and their customers, classic blues are a welcome return to calming, relaxing tones that are universally embraced.

When it comes to blue hues, GIO’s got you covered.  Let’s take a look at some of our tile offerings from the blue spectrum.

With our new ROMBO floor and wall line, you can create a range of cool pattern options. The tiles are available in four moody hues in antiqued gloss or matte finishes, including two beautiful blues, Cobalt and Sky.

Rombo on walls in cobalt, antiqued and glossy
ROMBO in Coblat
Rombo tile
ROMBO in Sky


A lean 2″ x 14″ format characterizes our PIGMENT collection, a new floor and wall line that blends “handmade” and “modern age” with six on-trend hues, including this soft Navy.

Pigment Floor and Wall Tile


HARMONY offers the richness of rosewood’s striations interpreted in porcelain wood planks awash in four modern hues, including Blue.

Harmony Floor and Wall Tile


FLUID for floor and walls is a marble-look porcelain tile of a different stripe, available large-format sizes, plus a mosaic, in three luxe hues (including this very cool blue).

Fluid floor and wall tile by GIO
FLUID in Cobalt


Our MODA wall tile collection offers a modern twist on subway tile —over-sized  (5″ x 13″), 10 vibrant colors, bright finish, plus a decoria package. Shown here is Dark Blue.

GIO Moda Dark Blue & White Decoria


Many more GIO collections offer blue-toned options. Check out ARTÉ in Cobalt, RIVEL in Sky Blue, Stainless Glass & Stone in Sapphire, Stained Glass in Blue Pearl or Azul, Vein in Cobalt, HEX_AG in Aqua, HANDMADE in Blue, GLASS & STONE in Blue Ice and Blue Marine, and VINTAGE in Medici, Vecchio, and Machiavelli.

Need samples? We’re happy to deliver to any location you desire. We’re here to help by phone, email or online teleconference. Click here to connect.