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Go Bold or Go Home: GIO Looks at Statement Stones

Stone and stone-look porcelain for surfaces, in general, are still very much on trend, but increasingly, design clients in both the commercial and residential sectors are favoring big, bold stones that act as statement pieces. These bold stones in exotic species, unique or bold colors, and often with dramatic veining, aren’t shy; they take center stage, and they say, “Look at me!”

For commercial interiors, of course, it’s much more practical to turn to the fabulous porcelain bold stone lookalikes for durability, ease of maintenance, and cleanability. (And let’s not forget porcelain’s impermeability, which makes it inhospitable to bacteria, mold, and mildew!) Thankfully, high-tech porcelain manufacturing steps up to the plate with a plethora of stunning, dramatic stone looks to make your statement stone dreams come true. If you want to incorporate a statement stone in your design, you’ll want to think about the impression you’re wanting to create, but GIO offers a range of dramatic stone looks to suit any fancy.


Varenna is inspired by materials quarried near the luminous Lombardy region of Italy. This dramatically veined duet of timeless black and white marble porcelain is perfect for a bold statement in any setting.

Room scene with GIO Varenna,Bianca 24 x 48 Honed & Rectified Field Tile


Our Mural collection is in a class of its own, offering a plethora of looks that wow. This daring collection of polished 24×48 tiles comes in two stunning groupings–sumptuous marbles and exotic stones and two animal-inspired styles.

Mural composite statement stone


This vein-cut onyx look is classic, sexy, and bold. But our show-stopping Rex porcelain tile is even extra magnificent in its bookmatch option. Rex is available in four lush neutrals in polished or matte finishes.



Another large format onyx inspiration, Agata large-format porcelain tile is a swirling dance of blue hues in a polished or matte finish. Agata is a whole new mood for surfaces!

GIO Agata, 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified



Statuarietto is a thin, marble-look porcelain panel in big sizes (up to 60″ x 120″) and bold veining suitable for any porcelain project possibility.

GIO Statuarietto Bianco, 30 x 30 Polished & Rectified


GIO_THIN 5.5 in Calacatta

GIO_Thin 5.5 in Calacatta is a timeless large, thin format of lifelike marble with spectacular, bold veining in panel sizes up to 39″ x  118.” This colored body large panel porcelain stoneware or floors, walls, countertops, and more also has a stunning bookmatch option.

GIO-thin Marble_calacatta


GIO Tile is committed to being at the forefront of commercial design, bringing you only the finest commercial-grade products, hand-picked from global sources, based on our focused knowledge of what you need to transform commercial spaces. Contact us anytime – we’re here to work with you!

GIO Tile Looks at What’s Hot in Tile Design in 2023

Floors and walls in commercial spaces are impractical to update often because these elements have to strike a balance between trendy and timeless in order to stay relevant as well as stand the test of time. Floors and walls in these spaces must also be durable, easy to maintain, and in many environments, easy to sanitize. Ceramic and porcelain tiles can answer all those requirements and more, but designers and their clientele still need to know what’s hot and what’s not in tile design. Here’s a look at what’s trending in 2023 — tiles that are very much on-trend but will perform well and look great doing it for the long term.

Onyx Looks

With a beautiful, luminous quality, onyx creates a luxurious look in any space. Porcelain that looks like onyx is a great choice for spaces where you would want the look of natural stone without the maintenance that comes with it. Capture this sumptuous stone look with our Agata and Rex porcelain tile lines.

GIO Agata, 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified

Unique Wood Looks

Wood-look tiles have long been a popular choice for floors and walls in commercial spaces because they offer the warm, natural look of wood without the maintenance and are far more durable in demanding environments. Wood look porcelain tiles have become more and more realistic over the years, to the point it is often hard to tell the difference.  Our Char porcelain collection offers an artistic take on the wood look that’s sure to add personality to any commercial space.

Char floor and wall tile by GIO

Shapes & Patterns

Shaped tiles and patterned tiles have continued to be wildly popular, and tile designers are getting even more creative with twists on the classics. Check out our Hex_Leonis, Geometry Pennyround, Vintage, and Pietra Marmi.

HEX_LEONIS floor and wall tile-cropped
GIO Geometry Pennyround Collection, glossy black on wall with open shelves
Geometry Pennyround
GIO Vintage Vecchio Room Scene
Pietra Marmi, Verona Hexagon Mosaic
Pietra Marmi

Vertical Subway Tiles

Subway tile remains perennially popular and will continue to be because it is such a timeless design. But tile designers are putting all kinds of twists on this iconic tile, and vertical installations of elongated subway tiles are a hot trend. The vertical lines create a fresh, unique aesthetic, but also make the space look taller by drawing the eye upward. Check out our Naxos, Brick_Mood, and Antico subway tile collections.

GIO Naxos, Grey 3x16 Wall Tile bathroom room scene
GIO-brick_mood,-Black-2x10-Glossy-and-Matte-Field-Tile room scene
GIO Antico, Bianco 2.5x10 Field Tile

Glossy & Glamourous

Glossy, luxurious stone looks with big, bold veining capture more light and create a glamorous vibe to commercial spaces. Look to Mural and GIO _Thin 5.5 in Statuary and Calactta polished for the glossy & glam look.

GIO Mural, Aqua Onyx 24x48 Polished & Rectified
GIO_Thin 5.5 in Statuary polished


GIO_Thin 5.5 in Calacatta polished

GIO Tile is committed to being at the forefront of commercial design, bringing you only the finest commercial-grade products, hand-picked from global sources based on our focused knowledge of what you need to transform commercial spaces. Contact us anytime – we’re here to work with you!

Zellige Tile for Commercial Spaces

A Brief History of Zellige Tiles

Zellige (also spelled zellij or zillij and pronounced “zee-LEEJE “) tile is a glossy striking Moroccan tile that has become very trendy in recent years. There are few tiles with as much history and influence as the Moroccan zellige tiles. These shimmery hand-made tiles have been around for thousands of years. Fragments of Zellige tiles have been discovered in Tunisia, possibly dating from the mid-10th to the mid-11th centuries, suggesting the technique may have originated in the western Islamic world in that period.

Zellige-making is considered an art itself, with master artisans passing the skill from generation to generation. Zellige tile training usually begins in childhood, with an average zellige apprenticeship lasting ten years!  The tiles are made meticulously by hand, crafted from unrefined clay found in Fez, Morocco. The artisans press the clay mixture into a square grid and let it dry out. Using a shaping block and hammer, they smooth the tiles and cut them into precise shapes and sizes. They apply enamel glazing by hand and only to the front of the tiles.

Zellige_factory n Fex, Morocco

Zellige Factory in Fex, Morocco

What Makes Authentic Zellige Tiles Tricky For Commercial Spaces

Authentic zellige tiles from Morocco are stunning, but the tiles can be impractical, especially for commercial spaces. Zellige tiles are beautiful because they are hand-cut, but it’s the hand-cut charm that makes it quite challenging to get a flat, even surface with these tiles— some of the edges will protrude rather than lay flush, making the surface difficult to clean. The tiles’ edges are also quite sharp, so the unevenness can cause them to snag things like fabrics or skin when wiping the tiles down.

There’s another installation issue that can be a hurdle, and that’s the grout. All the zellige installation guides instruct not to use a grout joint. The tiles should be butt jointed, with no spacers, right up next to each other. Ideally, there should be no space between the tiles and no visible grout. Getting invisible or nearly invisible grout joints with these irregular tiles requires a skilled installer with specific experience installing zellige tiles. These installation issues can create substantial labor costs.

With inflation looming over every project lately, material costs are a big consideration. Because zellige tiles are one of Morocco’s most valued and recognizable art forms, they are not inexpensive.  Adding even more to the cost, specifiers may want to increase a zellige tile order by 20-25 percent because a number of tiles will have imperfections, ranging from hairline cracks and edge chips to pits and chips throughout the glaze.

For a commercial application, and especially if the glazed tiles will be exposed to moisture, it’s best to seal the tiles to protect the grout and any cracks, crazing, or pits. The tiles will likely need resealing periodically as well.

Getting the Look of Zellige Tiles Without the Problems

Fortunately, ceramic zellige-look tiles are an excellent alternative for getting the amazing look of handmade Zellige tiles without the installation hurdles and higher costs. Our Zellige wall tile offers the look of the timeless handmade tiles at a fraction of the cost. Standard installation procedures apply, so it’s not necessary to hire a zellige expert to install them. These zellige-look ceramic tiles do not require sealing, and clean-up and maintenance are a breeze.


GIO zellige color swatches composition

GIO Tile is committed to being at the forefront of commercial design, bringing you only the finest commercial-grade products, hand-picked from global sources based on our focused knowledge of what you need to transform commercial spaces. Contact us anytime – we’re here to work with you!

Photo Credit: Dan Lundberg, Zellige factory-24116015119, CC BY-SA 2.0