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GIO Tile’s New Product Review

It’s been a few months since our last new product roundup, and we have a plethora of fabulous new tile collections to share. In our ongoing mission to continue to offer our customers the latest in sophisticated and innovative tile products, we are consistently adding exciting new floor and wall tile collections to the GIO line-up. Reflecting global trends for earthen natural stone looks, large formats, handcrafted looks, and sumptuous stones like marble and onyx, our newest product lines offer commercial designers a range of versatile, on-trend surface materials to take their designs from great to extraordinary. We’re proud to continuously offer a range of on-trend tile products to transform your commercial design projects.


A sumptuous marble look with rich veining in honed or polished finishes. Crema_Avorio is perfect for sophisticated commercial interiors.

GIO Crema_Avorio, 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified
GIO Crema_Avorio, 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified

ANTICO Wall Tile

Subway styles aren’t going anywhere — they just keep getting better, with new twists keeping the old standby fresh and new. Antico wall tile brings a handcrafted, old-world aesthetic to a modern, linear style.

GIO Antico, Bianco 2.5x10 Field Tile
Antico, Bianco 2.5×10 Field Tile


MIRABELLA Floor & Wall Tile

No chipping or breaking (and no sealing) with the porcelain limestone look-alike. Mirabella is a lively limestone look influenced by the quarries of Portugal and is available in a quartet of contemporary colors with subtle striations.

GIO Mirabella, Ivory 24x48 Rectified Field Tile
Mirabella, Ivory 24×48 Rectified Field Tile



Buestone_Pierre is inspired by Belgian Bluestone, a beautiful, timeless limestone with rich colors, dark tones, and ancient embedded fossils. You’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference with this unique tumbled-edge porcelain interpretation


Our Zellige wall tile offers the charming allure of handcrafted Moroccan tiles in durable, easy-to-install, and easy-to-maintain porcelain. Offered in nine hues brilliantly glazed for vintage variation.

GIO Antico, Bianco 2.5x10 Field Tile
GIO Zellige, Suk Black 5 x 5


AGATA Floor & Wall Tile

Swirling blue hues celebrate onyx inspiration with our elegant Agata collection, available in a polished or matte finish and large (up to 24 x 48) formats.

GIO Agata, 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified
Agata, 24 x 48 Polished & Rectified


MURAL Floor & Wall Tile

Mural floor and wall tile brings the bold art of nature to your interior designs in a daring collection of polished 24×48 tiles in two stunning groupings —sumptuous stone looks and two animal-inspired styles

GIO Mural, Aqua Onyx 24x48 Polished & Rectified
Mural, Aqua Onyx 24×48 Polished & Rectified



Statuarietto Bianco offers a big, luxurious marble look with bold veining and a large format up to 60″ x 120″. The line is available in honed or polished finishes.

GIO Statuarietto Bianco, 30 x 30 Polished & Rectified


We hope you have enjoyed this highlight of our latest and greatest. GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!


GIO’s Greatest Product Picks of 2022!

Top 10 in 22 graphic

As this year comes to a close, we’d like to highlight our top 10 products of ’22. Many of these lines launched in 2022, and others are on the list because we feel they are representative of the “best of the best.” As always, feel free to reach out to us for complimentary samples.

Click images to view the product web page.



Marmi Luxe




Statuarietto Blanco




Let us hear about your favorite GIO products! Email us with your feedback and project photos. We’d love to share your ideas and images on our social media profiles.

Thanks for specifying these top 10 products, as well as all GIO tile collections!


We wish you all a happy and healthy new year! We’re so grateful to each and every one of you —for the dedication of our interior designers and for the persistence of our contractors. You have helped make 2022 a phenomenal year! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment to GIO.


What’s New at GIO

Here at GIO, we’re always on the lookout for the most technically advanced and aesthetically appealing tile products for commercial applications. Commercial interiors can achieve style and durability, thanks to sophisticated tile technology and new ways of thinking about design.

In the past few months, we’ve added some exciting floor and wall tile collections to the GIO line-up. Reflecting the latest trends, formats, shapes, colors, and patterns, our newest products offer commercial designers a range of versatile options to transform their design projects. Here’s a look at what’s new at GIO.

Dorato Floor & Wall Tile

The luxurious look of travertine in all its vein-cut, sophisticated glory – interpreted in durable porcelain and offered in four undulating neutrals in field tile 12″ x 24″ field tile, two mosaics, and bullnose trim. Click here to view all the options.

Travertine look Dorato by GIO Floor and Wall Tile-Silver Grey 12x24
Dorato in Silver Grey 12×24


Picket Wall Tile

Design is on point with this picturesque glazed wall tile collection, offered in six pastoral hues in a picket-shaped 2.7″ x 11″ wall tile. It’s an ideal blend of modern shine and classic style. See all the colors here.

GIO Picket Glazed Porcelain Wall Tile
Picket in Light Grey 2.7 x 11

Rivel Wall Tile

Gloss is boss and style is tactile for this unique wall tile collection–offered in four fresh hues and two great shapes, 3″ x 9″ and 3″ x 6″ Rombo. See more here.

Rivel Sky Blue
Rivel in Sky Blue

Veneto Floor & Wall Tile

A chic porcelain tile emerges at the intersection of concrete’s industrial style and limestone’s perpetual appeal; neutral colors, generous sizes, and trims offer a complete foundation for modern design. Click here to see all the options.

Veneto Floor and Wall Tile by GIO
Veneto in Bianco 24×48

Fusion Floor & Wall Tile

A cement-look with subtle striations is offered in four rich, versatile neutrals and generous sizes and trims. Fusion is your go-to tile of choice for contemporary commercial projects.

Gio Fusion porcelain tile
Fusion in Platinum 24×24 Rectifed

Rombo Floor & Wall Tile

Tile style from every angle, in a foursome of moody hues in antiqued gloss or matte finishes. The patterns you can create are nearly endless!

This new porcelain tile line is so versatile — check it out here.

Rombo tile
Rombo in Sky 7×13


NEO_Brick Wall Tile

Brick’s timeless appeal comes of age in a durable porcelain tile interpreted in six cool colors and a modern 2′ x 9″ size, awash in a handcrafted, textured glaze. Click here to see all the colors.

NEO_Brick wall tile —image of brick-look back wall in a bar


GIO is your gateway to beautifully designed, strategically selected collections of floor and wall tile sure to fit your demanding specification requirements and unique style. We look forward to working with you!