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GIO’s Greatest Product Picks of the Year

It’s hard to believe we’re reaching the end of another year amidst a pandemic. Following a tumultuous 2020, as the world began to slowly adapt to and emerge from the pandemic, health and wellness became top priorities across the design industry, sustainability has become a bottom-line concern, and virtual technologies have become a more mainstream as a way of doing business. It’s been a tough couple of years — there have been highs and lows, and there are still many challenges being faced across the globe. But it’s clear the interior design industry is on a strong path to recovery, and the underlying sentiment is one of optimism, hope, recovery, and reinvention.

As this year comes to a close, we’d like to highlight our top 10 products of ’21. These lines all launched in 2021, and we feel they are representative of the “best of the best.” As always, feel free to reach out to us for complimentary samples (to the trade).

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We wish you all a healthy and happy new year! We’re so grateful for each and every one of you, for the dedication of our interior designers, and the persistence of our contractors. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment to GIO.



Yes, You Can Use Porcelain Tile in Industrial Style Interiors!

Modern industrial interior design is about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve raw, edgy style. The industrial-chic aesthetic, which really took hold in the late 2000s, is still going strong for commercial environments. The style celebrates humble materials, infusing spaces with a weathered, worn quality that resonates with many. The industrial look is a balancing act between form and function, allowing designers to juxtapose the raw with the refined in a way that results in a somewhat unfinished look that is at the same time cohesive and chic.

A Very Brief History of Industrial Interior Design

Abandoned industrial buildings such as urban warehouses, factories, and packing plants were the wellspring of modern industrial design. It was in the 1960s and 70s that artists living in Lower Manhattan and New England reclaimed these cavernous structures for their housing and studios. They were cheap digs, but better yet, with their innate character, high ceilings, and floods of light, they fostered creativity.

Eventually, old warehouses and factories went from hard-up artists’ shelters to being sought out by affluent urban professionals for housing as well as by commercial entities such as restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and retail boutiques. Distressed concrete or wood floors, exposed brick walls, aged pipes, and industrial lighting are the coveted hallmarks of these well-used and loved buildings. Part of the beauty of these old urban structures lies in the stories told by their imperfections.

Industrial Style Expands

The industrial interior design style has transcended its urban roots and the look can be found anywhere, even in the suburbs. The elements of industrial style are not difficult to embrace, and the look can be achieved without having to knock down walls to expose bricks or lay structural beams bare. Thanks to advanced porcelain tile design and manufacturing capabilities, we now have tile options that emulate materials like exposed brick and distressed concrete and wood – but with performance characteristics unrivaled by their ‘real’ counterparts. Here’s how GIO can help you get the look.

Exposed Brick Looks

Exposed brick walls in an interior space undeniably add character and raw charm. But if you aren’t fortunate to have brick walls waiting to be revealed, Brick and NEO_Brick are excellent alternatives for achieving the look. These lines offer the authentic appearance of brick with its versatile, urban character, with all the durability and easy maintenance of porcelain tile.

NEO_Brick wall tile —image of brick-look back wall in a bar
Neo_Brick in Bianco
BRICK by GIO in Smoke
BRICK by GIO in Smoke
Brick by GIO in Rust

Concrete-Like Flooring

Concrete floors are a hallmark of many industrial buildings, and both our Fusion, and Progetto lines offer the look of concrete with superior durability unmatched by the real thing.

Gio Fusion porcelain tile
FUSION in Platinum
Progetto floor and wall tile by GIO
PROGETTO by GIO in Silver Grey


Distressed & Reclaimed Wood Looks

Wood floors also work well for industrial design themes. Vintage wood looks can add warmth to a contemporary industrial design providing a great contrast to the cool metallic elements you’ll find in industrial-style spaces. Capture the time-worn look aged or reclaimed wood floors with our durable and easy-to-maintain Barnwood, Provenza, Petrified, porcelain planks.

GIO Barnwood wood look tile in Bianco 6x24
BARNWOOD in Bianco


Provenza, Bianco 12x48 Rectified Field Tile
PROVENZA in Bianco


Petrified Floor & Wall Tile


Paintwood tile
PAINTWOOD in Vintage


Paintwood in "Bianco"

These are just some of our curated tile styles that you depend on to answer to the latest trends in commercial flooring design. GIO Tile brings you only the finest commercial-grade products, hand-picked from global sources based on our focused knowledge of what you need to transform commercial spaces. Contact us anytime – we’re here to work with you!

GIO_Thick 1.0

What’s In For Outside Design

As an alternative to natural stone and concrete, porcelain pavers are a big trend in outdoor design. Though porcelain tile options have long been available for outdoor use, these thick, high-tech pavers are made from the highest grade porcelain and are specifically designed for easy installation over a variety of foundations, including grass, sand, gravel, and standard mortar installations. Their precision sizing and uniformity make for easier and faster installation, plus they may be lighter in weight compared to natural stone.

Gio_Thick 1.0 Quartz Silver 24x24 Rectified


GIO_Thick 1.0 Installed over grass and gravel.

GIO_Thick 1.0 laid over grass and gravel


In addition to the easy and flexible installation, porcelain pavers are incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

  • The color will not fade in harsh sunlight or the most abusive weather.
  • The very dense surface allows for minimal moisture absorption, making them 100% frost resistant (they won’t freeze and crack in very cold weather).
  • They are impermeable, which means that de-icing salts can be used without damaging them.
  • They do not require sealing and are naturally resistant to stains and the growth of mold and moss.
  • Porcelain pavers are extremely easy to clean with a hose and standard household cleaners and, if necessary, low pressure washing systems.
  • Unlike concrete and stone, porcelain pavers have no efflorescence (a crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface that occurs when water leaves behind salt deposits).

Porcelain Pavers are also slip-resistant. Slip resistance is an important safety feature in outdoor environments, and even more so when it comes to areas prone to slipperiness, such as walkways near irrigation systems and swimming pool patios. Many natural stones won’t be slip-resistant unless a special finish is applied as a separate step after installation.

GIO is proud to offer a beautiful line of the highest quality porcelain pavers that are designed to withstand the most challenging of commercial environments. GIO_Thick 1.0 is a collection of 12mm thick pavers available in an extensive range of looks suit any design scheme. While we introduced this series a few years ago, we have recently added even more on-trend looks to the lineup. Here’s a look!

Natural Stone Looks

Natural stone looks include Limestone, Marble, Slate, and Flagstone in 24″ x 24″ rectified field tile and Sandstone in 18″ x 36″ rectified.

Concrete Looks

Our concrete paver lookalikes are available in four hues, 24″ x24″ rectified.

Quartz Looks

The quartz looks are available in four hues, two in 18″ x 36″ and two in 24″ x 24″. All are rectified.

Wood Looks

And last, but not least, the wood looks are available in a range of seven colors and sizes include 24″ x 24″, a6″ x32″ and 12″ x 48″, all rectified.


GIO_Thick 1.0 Special Accessories

Special accessories for our porcelain pavers include coping/stair treads, coping/stair tread corners, grip stair treads, pool grids, pool grid corners. Pedestal supports for raised laying are available in multiple heights (raised laying facilitates ease of care and maintenance for wiring and piping systems).


Questions About Porcelain Pavers?

Reach out to us anytime — we’re here for you!