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GIO Looks at the Appeal of Artisan Tile

Handmade tiles add charm, warmth, and unique character to spaces. “Perfectly imperfect” is a wonderful way to describe handmade items, particularly tiles. The hallmark of handcrafted tiles is their irregularity. They have uneven surfaces and non-straight edges, which give even the simplest tile shapes and colors an added dimension of interest. Although handmade tiles are …

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GIO Looks at Design Trends: Calming Design, Warm Neutrals

Trending hashtags tell the unfolding design story: #calmingdesign, #warmneutrals, #healthyspaces, #sanctuaryspace, #softwalls. More and more, as designers (and consumers!) understand the impact of design on mental health, calming and soothing design strategies are being implemented in commercial and residential spaces. The idea is to help promote rest, a sense of calm, and relaxation in the …

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