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GIO Looks at Design Trends: Calming Design, Warm Neutrals

Trending hashtags tell the unfolding design story: #calmingdesign, #warmneutrals, #healthyspaces, #sanctuaryspace, #softwalls. More and more, as designers (and consumers!) understand the impact of design on mental health, calming and soothing design strategies are being implemented in commercial and residential spaces. The idea is to help promote rest, a sense of calm, and relaxation in the …

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Big Trend: Big Tile

The past three decades have seen new manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge printing pushing porcelain tile into the forefront of design and innovation. Porcelain tiles are also getting larger and larger. Tiles equal to or greater than one square meter (almost 11 square feet!) are designated “Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs” by  ANSI A137. 3. Additionally, while standard-body …

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