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Did the world need another brand of tile and stone. No. Did you need better options, service and solutions for your commercial designs? Absolutely.

That’s why we created GIO.

GIO brings you a carefully curated selection of tile and stone products developed expressly for your commercial design projects. Each color, size, texture, and detail you see here, on our website, has been hand-picked from global sources based on our laser-focused knowledge of what you need to take your designs not just from good to great—but from great to extraordinary.

Our looks cover a range of styles to transform commercial spaces. From retail and restaurants to hospitals and hospitality, we’ve assembled an assortment of collections in styles befitting the gamut of spaces you may be called to design.

Our on-trend, sophisticated products are brought to you with a commitment to the simplification of tile and stone specifications. We bring you only the finest commercial grade products, presented in a clear fashion so you can easily identify the looks and technical characteristics you require. And we fulfill your orders with the full service and quality support they deserve.

When you see our signature red square, you’re assured to find the latest in architectural tile and stone, brought to you with careful attention and dedicated support.

Thank you for designing with GIO!